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This is DoKashiteru

uploaded: Sun, Nov 16, 2014 @ 3:10 AM
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DoKashiteru’s samples and style. His own voice starts, then his aimee piano, filtered high pass to give it a new harmony, with ambient music underground from such a fine young man and a female voice from a free demo commercial loop, where I programmed and played the rest. You and your bright ideas pops in with a small sample, again filtered, then my guitars exercise with a harmonic progression where strings come in.
The development of this song has been troubled by a solid state hard disk installed to speed up my computer, but needing all my music software to be reinstalled, autorized and I couldn’t do it all, so I am a little shy about the production quality here, done in a rush, but you get the idea.

"This is DoKashiteru"
by Carosone

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