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ccMixter beats vol.2

uploaded: Sat, Mar 7, 2020 @ 12:08 PM last modified: Sat, Mar 7, 2020 @ 12:15 PM  (add)
Featuringbillraydrums, Admiral Bob, reiswerk, _ghost, urmymuse, Doxent Zsigmond, Clarence Simpson, greyguy, TheDICE, fourstones, fluffy, Jeris, stellarartwars, Wired Ant, Fireproof_Babies, CSoul, Alex, Analog By Nature, Ghost_k, Hans Atom, DJ Vadim
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Note: actual bpm is 93 1/3 (93.333)

Beat combos:
01 Affair Shake
… “Affair in The Orient Express” by Doxent Zsigmond
… “Shake ‘n’ Bake” by Clarence Simpson
02 Business Groove
… “bonobo business sample pack” by _ghost
… “Groove in D Minor” by Admiral Bob
03 Clean Moments
… “Clean” by reiswerk
… “forgotten moments ….” by urmymuse
… “93bpm Slinky Rock Thing” by billraydrums
04 Crying Hand
… “Crying Walls” by Wired Ant
… “The Hand that Hurts” by Fireproof_Babies
… “93bpm Slinky Rock Thing” by billraydrums
05 Embrace the Future
… “Embrace the Taste” by CSoul
… “Back To The Future” by Alex
… “93bpm Slinky Rock Thing” by billraydrums
06 Funky Dream
… “Funky Bits” by Jeris
… “Dream Of You (SAW mix) w/stems” by stellarartwars
… “93bpm Slinky Rock Thing” by billraydrums
07 Purifying Space
… “Purifying (cdk mix)” by Analog By Nature
… “Ulkoavaruus (Outer Space) - Remix Pack” by Ghost_k
… “93bpm Slinky Rock Thing” by billraydrums
08 Sales Call
… “On Sale” by Hans Atom
… “Call On Me” by DJ Vadim
09 Sudden Crush
… “Sudden” by TheDICE
… “shore side Crush” by greyguy
… “93bpm Slinky Rock Thing” by billraydrums
10 Treated Around
… “Treated for Mutilation (Sample Pack)” by fourstones
… “You’re Never Around” by fluffy

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  • /Affair Shake - 93 bpm.flac (1.84MB)
  • /Business Groove - 93 bpm.flac (2.02MB)
  • /Clean Moments - 93 bpm.flac (2.31MB)
  • /Crying Hand - 93 bpm.flac (1.83MB)
  • /Embrace the Future - 93 bpm.flac (2.10MB)
  • /Funky Dream - 93 bpm.flac (2.00MB)
  • /Sales Call - 93 bpm.flac (2.24MB)
  • /Sudden Crush - 93 bpm.flac (2.12MB)
  • /Treated Around - 93 bpm.flac (2.29MB)
  • /Purifying Space - 93 bpm.flac (2.11MB)

"ccMixter beats vol.2"
by Apoxode

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