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Analog By Nature - Redundant

uploaded: Tue, Oct 29, 2013 @ 10:28 PM
FeaturingGo1dfish and My Free Mickey
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Our entry for the Secret Sky Secret Mixter Remix, featuring & dedicated to Go1dfish & My Free Mickey. The track revolves around the various perspectives of folks using CC Mixter, whether it’s an artist uploading works, or someone needing assets from the site.


“Made a song, gonna put it online
Within time, in the internet it hides
No plays, No views, No Likes,
End of time, and the interest it dies
Made a video, it needs something inside
It needs a song…without the copyrights
I’m on the internet and what’s this that I find
CC MIxterLand, I fill up my hard drive
Put a lot of time and effort into this
If I find you don’t download this I’ll be pissed
We’ve been doing this since music has exist
Zero fans, and we’ve yet to sign some tits
Twenty years later, we’re on the Rolling Stone,
Plastic surgery and artificial bone
Fans around the world, population overgrown
CC Mixter, now our cover has been blown

Hey. Yeah. Ha. Ha. Whey-hey-yeah. Yeah? Yeah.
Wayy-hey hey yeah. (repeat this just a few times)

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(Be very dangerously sexy and do some vocal damage with pure, unadulterated gibberish during this end part. The audience will explode emotionally, others, with violent pregnancies. They’ll love it.)”

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"Analog By Nature - Redundant"
by AnalogByNature

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