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Phase Shift

uploaded: Fri, Mar 4, 2022 @ 8:35 PM last modified: Fri, Mar 4, 2022 @ 8:37 PM  (add)
Featuringvo1k1, Snowflake, Cole Morrall & Ivan Chew
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Now this one made a rough ride thru track evolution and ended successfully in a dystopian sound collage.

With luv and peace from Hamburg

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems01

  • /Stems01/BAS Froggy AfterParty.flac (2.89MB)
  • /Stems01/BAS MidBribbl ramblinglibrarian_-_Wellerman_Comes.flac (3.63MB)
  • /Stems01/BAS Piggy ShowDriver.flac (6.94MB)
  • /Stems01/BAS Soft”ng vo1k1_-_Always_Wanting_More_(Vo1k1_Mix)_2.flac (8.05MB)
  • /Stems01/BCK vo1k1_-_AWM beat.flac (16.13MB)
  • /Stems01/CHR BlobOpera.flac (2.75MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems02

  • /Stems02/DRM AllDrums.flac (20.74MB)
  • /Stems02/GIT Picking.flac (3.77MB)
  • /Stems02/PAD Solblue.flac (8.33MB)
  • /Stems02/PNO Melo.flac (738.01KB)
  • /Stems02/STR Ensemble 1.flac (6.82MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems03

  • /Stems03/STR Ensemble 2.flac (14.31MB)
  • /Stems03/SYN Chords ramblinglibrarian_-_Wellerman_Comes.flac (5.47MB)
  • /Stems03/SYN Gloquese.flac (4.14MB)
  • /Stems03/SYN MixAccs vo1k1_-_Always_Wanting_More_(Vo1k1_Mix)_3.flac (9.06MB)
  • /Stems03/SYN Softitsh.flac (3.33MB)
  • /Stems03/SYN Squolche (vo1k1 AWM).flac (5.23MB)
  • /Stems03/SYN Vitalasig.flac (5.66MB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems04

  • /Stems04/SYN Vitalorch.flac (6.62MB)
  • /Stems04/VOX AWM.flac (9.93MB)
  • /Stems04/VOX Transmutate (R).flac (20.51MB)
  • /Stems04/WOD Foghornz.flac (4.05MB)

"Phase Shift"
by 7OOP3D

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