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Editors' Picks

Altar (Junkieloop Exception)

by: 7OOP3D
Prepare yourself for a deeply rhythmic, ecstatic journey through sound with “Altar” from 7OOP3D! Featuring over a dozen tracks from Mana Junkie, this track begs you put on your seatbelt, and will not disappoint.


Take a moment… take a deep breath… and let yourself feel the deep wistful melancholy of airtone’s beautiful, emotionally stirring remix of Darkroom.
Kara Square

In Your Face

In the mood for alternative rock worthy of radio play? Stefan Kartenberg delivers a powerful hit with “In Your Face”, featuring the strong vocals of Brad Sucks (digging the F-bomb). A must listen.

Cheat on life ( disco remix )

Cheat on Life… you bet this song does that. It’s 2017 and disco is back with a vengeance! This is a good song to usher in the summer, so dig out the bell bottoms, put on your moon boots and let’s hit the dance floor with this one.
Mana Junkie

Keep The Silence - Mandyleigh Storm (RamseySounds Remix)

RamseySounds marries strong, driving electronica with Mandyleigh Storm’s attention grabbing, soulful singing of Keep the Silence. Enjoy this well crafted feel good music. Gonna make ya sit up straight!


Filled with tension and overflowing with distortion, this mix hits you with waves of truth, as crazy as it seems. Turn down the volume on your TV and watch the BS while this one pumps through your sound system. Instant video magic!

Showbiz For The Ugly

Listen to this politically-fueled rap with a super-sick beat. Andrew Wainwright absolutely nails his ‘Somewhere Over the Border Event’ trip hop remix of Yuri Silva.
Kara Square


“Blue” is a genial dance track made by One Project. The voice of Offlinebouncer fits perfect.
Off on the dance floor.
Stefan Kartenberg
Play Blue

What Is This Love Of

by: Speck
In this latest sonic Speck-tacle a brilliant vocal by Mr. Yesterday is teased, tweezed, and cajoled to do his master’s bidding in full view of the hippest house band in recent memory.

Brilliant editing of perfect samples tumble through compressors and reverb tanks to emerge glistening with sweat and begging for more.


Falling (Suddenly)

Filled with space for dreaming and contemplating the complexity of romance, Falling (Suddenly) is a beautifully executed remix for a outstanding Pell. Nice work!

This Wall

The Admiral has created an anthem. In the tradition of great rock music of the past this speaks to our hearts with impeccable musicianship, production savvy, and spiritual humility.


Independence Day

What I like best on this track is that Hans Atom managed to eq everything a way that Colin’s vocal sound so fragile that you can’t do anything but listen to what he has to say. And the moment the organ and the second guitar enter the chorus…wonderful !
Siobhan Dakay

Nothing Lasts Forever

by: Speck
Speck is one of the most creative artists here on ccMixter. The song “Nothing Lasts Forever” is another proof of his passion for music. In collaboration with ccMixters legendary Unreal DM sound, a wonderful song was created.
Listen to it.
Stefan Kartenberg

Falling (You And I)

Falling is a wonderful love song produced by Siobhan Dakay. With the voice of Zutsuri it is a realy nice contribution to the Key of Love Remix Event. Listen to it.
Stefan Kartenberg

Nasty Woman

TexasRadioFish showcases what ccMixter is all about. Taking snippets from a lot of mixters and create a funky completely new track from it. The horn section, the bass line…umh…Nasty tracks need love as well. FUNK BABY
Siobhan Dakay