Editors' Picks


Sophisticated brow-soothing fusion of acoustic piano and blues guitar. Relax and enjoy this smooth collaboration between Admiral Bob and Sascha Ende.

Come Back 2 Me

Frank and Zep combine with a modern soul classic that will remind you of the old days when you couldn’t wait to hear ‘that new song’ pop back up on the radio. The songwriting, musicianship, and production on this track are just masterful.


Winter Night, Summer Day

Are you looking for a chill instrumental soundtrack for your video or game? Take a listen to Beluga Ten’s electro-acoustic ambient remix of airtone. The light, melodic bells, warm synth pads, mellow jazz guitar, and delicate chirping birds are the perfect soundbed for nature-inspired audio-visual creations.
Kara Square

Sisyrinchium angustifolium (Judielaine Mix)

This instrumental garden of sound belongs in videos everywhere! Combining great source material from Septahelix, Jonatha Chance takes us on a sonic journey of flowers and blue-eyed grass. Lie back, listen, and escape into the beauty of ‘Sisyrinchium angustifolium’.

Probably Shouldn't

by: J.Lang
J.Lang mixes super dry drums and pumps up the bass in Mr. Yesterdays track. All the sudden it becomes a hip hop funk with a super smooth sax and super cool and decently used e-piano. Tap tap makes the foot. Funk it.
Siobhan Dakay

The Reuse of Noise (Angel Mix)

Magical downtempo trip-hop spoken word featuring vocals by SackJo22 and samples by Reusenoise. Siobhan Dakay’s pristine mix is an emotionally mesmerizing odyssey…
Kara Square


Light and lovely ambient lullaby. Airtone’s instrumental remix of mwic is an absolutely perfect soundtrack for film or games.
Kara Square

Spies' Girls

This remix will make your Camry feel like a Austin Martin. A must for your James Bond playlist.

Material girl

I’m digging Material Girl. It’s got a beat and a rhythm that’s quiet infectious. From nodding along to the beat to eventually get up and dancing around the room (while my dog looks at me thinking I’ve gone crazy).
This is good stuff!
Mana Junkie


Snowflake’s Beautiful voice and great samples from Apoxode makes this a powerful combination. Powerful message, we all need to Unify.
Play Unify

Year dot

Reiswerk knows how to play the accordeon. Since years he is doing magick with that instrument and with the Song from Robert Warrington it all the sudden sounds like theater piece played in a bar in Paris. Wonderful and a must listen
Siobhan Dakay

Clock - Black to the Night

In this dynamic and richly developed electronic remix, Scomber’s vocals come to life admidst shimmering arpeggios, a funky drumbeat, and backing vocals from Fronz Arp. Best moment is arguably when the hypnotic, engulfing bassline peaks.

Oh, Love

BAM! TRF combines a classic vocal with session quality musicianship and Nashville/Galveston quality production to produce this radio ready hit. The in-the-pocket groove is an infectious soundstage for Lynn’s wonderful song.


Just Breathe

bangcorrupt takes Mikey D’s rap straight from New Orleans into a shadowy bar, filled with a smokey atmosphere and delicate jazz. Hints of scratched vinyl keep you tied to the present.

Come Inside

A magical Europop journey indoors from the cold. Clear and smooth, Snowflake hews all the rough edges off Cold Ears, adds a spectacular set of backing vocals (from herself, Kara Square, and spinningmerkaba), and takes us on a dreamy lyrical trip through the great indoors.
Admiral Bob