Time of Terror Remix Event

Editors' Picks

Marionette Man (Treatment)

A blissful jazzy joint by Mandala Underground ft. the spoken word of Suzie Q.

Shadow Games( Radio Mix)

Loveshadow’s Radio friendly remix of FHC aka Songboy’s, “Guessing Games” is a pure delight. A funky track, that has a cool sexy groove. A treat for the ears as well as the soul.

Madrugada a la Gil Evans

Sensual nuevo jazz samba shows an arranging virtuosity in this remix masterpiece. Chill with this special piece of beauty.

Natchoongi (Breaked DUB RMX)

Pure dubby goodness, mixed with fantastic ever-changing breaks.
a really great contest entry from Antony Raijekov, who’s past mixes reflect the same great quality…
10 stars for sure!!!

Recommencer (mosquitomix in G)

A Ditto Ditto musical journey. And what a ride. He says the song’s about a break-up but he sounds pretty happy about it to me. ;)

May apeskinny mix

New to ccMixter Apeskinny, gives us a taste of ear candy that is very sweet to the ears. Add the beautiful voice of CalendarGirl and a mix that takes us in many different directions with out losing this gorgeous groove. A dance floor banger and a treat for the ears.


Bottom shaking heavy and very live feel dominates this party mix. Simple beats and bass extremely well executed and a great treatments of the very sexy vocals. A perfect DJ-dance-ready mix.

Days of April (Part 1)

Cool, fun and funky. Darkroom schools us all on the meaning of the word “catchy” with this remix of April by Calendargirl. This is Part 1. See also Part 2.

Celebrity [Omni Vista's Lazy Summer Mix]

Smooth, blunty chill under ggrrrrrrr-sexy Ms. Vybe. Instant ccM classic by always classy Omni Vista.

Crazy Love-The Alex & Lang mix

by: J.Lang
very clever mixing and great taste create a very “live” feeling track… j.lang and a guest spot from “alex” make great work of songboy’s Crazy love acapella,
truly great work guy’s… a download for sure!!!

Que Pena - cdk mix

Perfect summer music. I just love this, I’m sure you will too. CDK supplies the beats and atmosphere. Wonderful vocals by Tamy from the (©urve)™ Remix Contest.


by: grapes
layer upon layer upon layer of rich blunted funky downtempo madness…sub, melodic key riffs and grinding bass wrapped in spaced vocals anchored in rolling drums… grapes sound moves the mind!
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April (tacet mix)

by: tacet
moving orchestral composition….sweeping strings and woodwinds pull your mind into a sonic escape. tacet’s vivid musical chops and finally tuned ear shine on this cinematic mix.

oh lord (simple mix)

Duckkett gives us a Jazzy Gospel Groove with a Funky but Sweet Bass, just the right touch of drums and the ever so sweet voice of Suzi Q. What more could you ask for. Lord we got the spirit with this one.

India (Treatment)

a great track. the beats, classic strings, lovely voice of Colin. superrr!

two thumps up!