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Editors' Picks


by: grapes
layer upon layer upon layer of rich blunted funky downtempo madness…sub, melodic key riffs and grinding bass wrapped in spaced vocals anchored in rolling drums… grapes sound moves the mind!
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April (tacet mix)

by: tacet
moving orchestral composition….sweeping strings and woodwinds pull your mind into a sonic escape. tacet’s vivid musical chops and finally tuned ear shine on this cinematic mix.

oh lord (simple mix)

Duckkett gives us a Jazzy Gospel Groove with a Funky but Sweet Bass, just the right touch of drums and the ever so sweet voice of Suzi Q. What more could you ask for. Lord we got the spirit with this one.

India (Treatment)

a great track. the beats, classic strings, lovely voice of Colin. superrr!

two thumps up!

Funky Theme

by: teru
oh my, this rocks. or jazzes, whatever you want to call it. this is your day, the sun might be shining. anything can happen and this track will definitely get you in the right mood.

Teru is my king for a day!

One ( The J.Lang RMX )

by: J.Lang
smoothed out strings and keys anchored by a sweet bassline and just enough kick to keep you noddin your head. jlang again flexes his stellar radio ready production chops and keen ear for flawles r+b tracks. ahhhhh yessssss!

from the BX Remix FORENSIC STYLE


East coast? West coast? ccMixter is all about the Web Coast. From the Bronx to South Sac this collaboration is a great example of cross country flow working together.

Both Clarance and 4nsic have contributed some of the best and most remixed rap a cappellas on the site; this time it’s 4nsic leading with the beats.

Drove On By (Remix au Lynch )


might not be your obvious editorial pick, but oh my… this is like a David Lynch 2008 soundtrack.

editorial pick alert: this is wunderbar!

Nube (Nu Jazz Remix )

Silky smooth, bossa jazzy — this should not be listened to under florescent light. Klaus is a serial contributor (he’s been remixed 30 times) but he turns the tables this time with the irresistible SilviaO on vocals.

ABZ/Future/the day mix

by: BOCrew
super track. moody vibes and strong beat. not super tight, but the tension adds more feel to the music in my opinion.

I love it


by: oldDog
Subtle, elegant and delicately sexy with a deceptively rich arrangement underlying an already emotionally devastating vocal. Good job everybody.
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Whatever/beat two the sun

by: BOCrew
Love the chord complexity and the smooth beat. Summer feelings, great for a chill!


by: grapes
Vocals and music make a great blend. Black booty shake and I love it. Makes me move in rhythm.

My only advice: mix could use a little more lowend. Always good for the fahnk!
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silky synths and a spacey bomb bassline… radio ready but still dripping with integrity. cdk’s hot production chops and sol’s lyrics and tight rhyme style blow the roof off…this one will be in heavy rotation.

Guessin Games_The Dirty Water Straight Up R&B Mix

by: J.Lang
radio ready silky r+b mix. think levert with a 2007 sound. J Lang does it again with this flawless production.