Us Universe Mixes Coming In!

Editors' Picks

Perfect Love

Marco Raaphorst comes up with a jazzy, chill, radio ready remix of Songboy.It’s magic for your ears.

Revenge (Mix Cuit A Four)

I find it truly inspiring that Kaer Trouz is writing, performing and producing tracks like this all on her own. I swear for a moment I thought Chrissie Hynde was singing with Underworld.


Smooth, silky, neo-soul with an electronica beat. The ghost of holidays present and past, each resembling Isaac Hayes, gather in the right and left stereo speaker to deliver a message that has heard the news of rhythm and blues and updated it into 2008’s electronica future. This one features a great use of samples to achieve a sound that might be at home in Philadelphia or Motown decades ago, or on one’s mp3 player on New Year’s Eve.

Rise again (treatment)

by: oldDog
Something clicked here and the result is a thing of beauty. A great song by Narva9 (my sister just so you know) arranged masterfully by oldDog (not my sister just so you know).

Happy Holidays!!!!

Six Feet Under (j-tine mix)

Built with a disconcerting simplicity, this remix of Jaspertine is a pure moment of emotion…Magnificent
ditto ditto

Dirty Grimey (Infected Mix)

Totally infectious injection of cool groove with a blowout of fine production techniques.

Stay still if you can.

gently (jazz mix)

by: oldDog
oldDog drops the samba science on ccmixter as he gives Norine Braun a jazzy piano treatment.

still i

Another fuel packed rocket ride from Sleeper that takes Songboy and blasts him into a super heroes rescue mission to Mars.

"October" - Chillout / Jazz-Rock ReMiX

Downtempo soulful chill retro fun. This remix of “October” brings on the 70s feel without the 70s cliche’. It’s a good winter’s listen for a warm mood on a cold night.

Take Your Clothes Off

Loveshadow’s 3:00 am silky smooth melodic hip-hop - featuring the rhymin’ and stylin’ MsKidd provides just the right mood for cuddling with someone special by the candle light.

We Are Not Evil (Down To Brass Tacks Remix)

March along, horns and all (!) to the anthemic spit of Clarance and Sawtooth’s majestic treatment.

Consider this a message to the future. Are you listening?

Yes, this is a topical pick considering the current discussions going on but the track is deserving to boot. ;)

I like it like That(s.thaens)

A wonderful Alpert-esque instrumental track by Stefsax with brilliant use of the Bucky Johnson samples.

Rhapsody in d minor

Blue and jazzy. A soundtrack for a Darkroom featuring vocals by Kaer Trouz.

beeKoo mix

Head snapping party mix of the west-coast cool that is FORENSIC.

A perfect production for the end-of-night one-more-dance party.

The Acorns. Seedin Time in The Oak Room.

jazz with a capital ‘J’ that invokes every emotion from heartbreak to joy. Listen closely and you’ll hear echoes of the melody (“waiting for … nothing at all”) in the piano solo but more remarkably, in the trumpet cuts culled from our sample