Somewhere Over the Border

Editors' Picks

Baby don't be shy

Awwww yeah! In the mood for some funk? Push play and dig Scomber’s upbeat mix of Songboy3’s awesome vocals.
Kara Square

Mr. Wozzie

This dark and mysterious hip-hop instrumental is perfect creators who need a cool backing track for their Halloween project. And it’s CC BY!
Kara Square

Velveteen skies

A voice. A guitar. A few horns. Carosone’s acoustic treatment of Narva9 enhances the tenderness of her voice and lyric in this delicate love song. It is beautiful.

Marine North

by: @nop
Cinematic production from @nop combines ethnic beats and perfectly ambient glitch. Featuring OmniVista and PhilTheNil, this instrumental is absolutely worthy of any film or video.

Jacobus de Tepenec

Ready for an adventure? Marco Nicola, along with Bill Ray Drums and Briareus, have just the instrumental soundtrack you need. This exquisite composition with top notch production is sure to excite!
Kara Square

Mother Nature Healing Me

Zep Hurme outstanding slow-groove take on Loveshadow’s great song takes us to a funkedelic hangout, where the sexy Ms. Jazzy Chords mingles with the equally attention demanding Ms. Riffy Strat, Mr. Solid Beatz and the ever interesting Mr. Fret Less. Intelligent fun!

Take It Easy

Stefan Kartenberg’s re-imagination of Vladimir Boboshin’s original is a fab foray into the golden age of vinyl: Straight ahead, humming along, head bobbing pop-rock with a dash of psychedelic avant-garde elements to keep things interesting. Wunderbar!

Supernatural [Jihfa Reload]

by: Jihfa
Another great take on Vibhu Tewary’s lyrics sung by snowflake. And instead of describing the song myself I let others speak:
Snowflake says: eerie organ in the intro that sets a wonderful tone.
Kara Square says: Totally effective dub ending.
Rey Izain says: Very cool chilled-out baroque dub-step…great mix of styles that meld in to a perfectly eerie indie track

I say: If you enjoyed listening this song, you should also check out Jihfa’s other remixes. There are few, but they are great.

Dancing Sad

Alt pop rock complete with rocking acoustic guitar, crisp, driving drums, and catchy, cool vocals. Take a listen to Dan Mantau’s remix of State Shirt’s “Dancing Sad” for a head-nodding, air-drumming experience.
Kara Square


An exquisitely well produced track by spinmeister. Lyrics by Vibhu Tewary magically transformed and sung by snowflake. Just a gorgeous vibe & sound on this.



Bluemillenium adds a hauntingly beautiful vocal to Hans Atom’s ‘In My Sky’ and produces something that ‘s much greater than the sum of it’s parts. An international collaboration that is a superb example of what ccmixter does best.

Good Thing ( Remix )

Destinazione Altrove teams up with The Concept of Energy to create a funky electronic dance groove that celebrates their good thing waiting at home. Celebrate with them, dance to the music!

New Earth

Hypnotic baroque take on Snowflake’s mesmerizing “New Earth” vocals. The enchanting guitars, subtle and effective beats, and dreamy atmosphere make this a contemplative music listen.
Kara Square

Calling, I'm Calling

Sometimes mixers get to meet each other in the 3-d world. And sometimes when that happens, music emerges and we are treated to something special like this super cool multifaceted chill mix produced by CSM that features a propulsive rhythm and the intermingling of the unique talents of Anchor Mejans and Calling Sister Midnight. This is a call that can’t be resisted,

La lavandière de Pontrieux

Bluemillenium well recreates a folk song about a toiling washerwomen waiting for her love, a sailor. This preservation music provides an authentic audio image of historic Pontrieux in the department Côtes d’Armor in the Brittany region of France.

Authentique musique française historique.