Yin of Yang Uploads!

Editors' Picks

The Black Velvet Ribbon

With an intoxicating EDM groove by Cyba and incredibly tasty guitar stylings by Haskel, SackJo22 treats us to a classic tale of horror. Her vocal performance is utterly captivating. Settle in and press play… but be sure to leave the lights on.
Kara Square

Shelter Me

“Shelter Me” is a hammer beat slow rock track that is blowing your mind in seconds. With the vocal performance by Scomber and a super beat made by Zep Hurme it is running straight to the top.
Stefan Kartenberg

Waking Me Softly

Acoustic folk with a romantic spirit. AirFlow provides a strong, driven backing track for Madam Snowflake’s sensational vocal performance. Experience the passion of this heartfelt remix!

Living Music

Apoxode unleashes a Specktacular bottom heavy, downtempo mashup of Speck’s contributions. Both a noteworthy journey through Speckland and a memorable tribute to Speck’s remarkable body of work. Gotta love Speck with a beat.

Running Through My Head

Whats running through my head at 4:30 in the morning? Well, a whole lot of junk that’s for sure. Usually, it takes a cup of coffee or two to sort through them and prioritize as well.

This is the soundtrack for my brain this morning as I figure out what to do next.
Mana Junkie

Be Brave Baby

Teaming up with Haskel, Speck, Mark Twain, Panu and Snowflake, SackJo22 delivers a beautiful perspective with an infectious groove born of remixing Apoxode’s Case of the Jitters into a case of toe tapping, cool funk. Must be magic!


An EPIC spoken word performance by Madam Snowflake that utilizes 7OOP3D’s stunning and dynamic orchestral electro instrumental, this track will take you on a celestial odyssey through the universe that transverses space and time. And all you need to do is put on your headphones, shut your eyes, and push play…
Kara Square

another perspective

by: panu
Beautiful light jazz instrumental for the soul. The widely adored panu presents this heartfelt remix of airtone and onlymeith, with panu’s own delicate guitar accompaniment. Three minutes of bliss!

Tiny Spaceships

Synthpop with a hip-hop attitude! Hans Atom provides the sci-fi backdrop for Donnie Ozone’s tale of extraterrestrial visitors in this head-bopping remix. The truth’s out there, yo, just under our noses :)

I get what you say

Soft. Sweet. Tender. This smooth pop offering by Phildann includes a gentle vocal accompanied by delicious guitar musings. This is a good song to listen to if you would like to have some feelings.

Perspectives ***

by: J.Lang
Catch the chill groove of perspective with J.Lang’s remix of SackJo22’s radiant, insightful spoken word. With samples from Admiral Bob, this downtempo track creates an alluring, laid-back space for contemplation.
Kara Square

Voice of a Stream

Take a meditative walk with Snowflake as your spoken guide. Texasradiofish’s arrangement will gently soothe your journey with sounds by Bluemillenium, Owl, and Kaiho. Push play: this moment is yours.
Kara Square

Head Run

by: 7OOP3D
7OOP3D takes Kara Square’s Dark Clouds and turns it into a dark future tale. It’s fit for a cyberpunk soundtrack. A banging beat and industrial edge.
I’m definitely chippin’ in.
Mana Junkie

Streets of my Hometown


Scomber and Dysfunction_AL treat us to a straight ahead, toe tapping, head bobbing rock song. Always a pleasure when the ccMixter “house is a rockin’, don’t bother knockin, come on in”

Scomber is racking up on the frequent songwriter miles in the ccMixter spotlight. Congratulations to Scomber!

Quote from The House Is Rockin’ by Stevie Ray Vaughan


It’s not so hard to imagine in a universe not so far away there’s a guy named Scomber doing his third sold-out HBO special and a guy named Zep doing high profile mixing and mastering seminars at the Finnish version of Abbey Road. This is a great combination of inspiration, talent, hard work and, gosh darn it, good old feel good production.