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Editors' Picks


Heartwarming ballad with a romantic glow. A triumphant return from Siobhan Dakay with this simply divine remix of SO SHA’s “Glass Heart.” Resplendent with an enchanting guitar track, this will certainly lift your spirits.

Broken Plastik

by: Vidian
Vidian threw together a handful of source tracks from Deeplastik and brought it to a gentle simmer to produce an delicious downtempo groove that invites you to take a taste. Bravo!


Airtone demonstrates with this ambient remix that in tranquility lies the greatest strength. Artfully blending soft guitar sounds, glitches, and peaceful synth sounds from Apoxode into an uplifting masterpiece, which is arguably one of the best things to wake up to in the morning!
Hans Atom

We have Arrived

If you like Nick Cave you will LOVE We Have Arrived. Hans Atom utterly rocks the guitar (bass and drums too!) with Radioonthesshelf leaning into the mic with grit and power. This track is punk!

Dada Da Doom

Enter a Berlin underground bar, pulled in by a wall of electric guitars and compelling sonic Dada art like only Marcel Duchamp could concoct. Spinningmerkaba weaves a chaotic ball of sound around Mr Yesterday’s punk vocals. Take the ride!

One Love

by: 7OOP3D
Turn up the volume, let the rhythm move your body and the message of One Love fill your soul. 7OOP3D brings the reggae dance secret sauce with this track featuring spinningmerkaba on the mic. A must listen!

You Got Me Cookin'

Scomber cooks up smooth jazz with a sultry Sackjo22 alto vocal and a cool lounge quartet with bass, drums, piano and voice-to-MIDI muted trumpet. Tasty and smoove.

Alchemist Apprentice

Snowflake secretly collaborated with John Jones and Darkroom to weave a story about an apprentice alchemist’s journey to transmute pain and shame into grace and light. Smoove acoustic guitar accompaniment.

Uncertain Movement

by: Speck
World music with a coastal vibe. Using sources from stellarartwars, reiswerk, Stefan Kartenberg, Javolenus, unreal_dm, and Ben Blohowiak, Speck masterfully weaves world rhythms into a hypnotic groove.

SHINE 2024

by: Bocrew
Elegant house with an eye to the stars. Listen with a smile as Bocrew rolls out a sweet backing track for SackJo22’s celestial “The Light Shines.” Positive house groove for the heart, mind, and soul.

Take Me Higher (Leza Boyland)

Zep Hume delivers a thumping, jumping mad mix with phat synth bass lines, hot licks, driving rhythm and the ever groovy Leza Boyland taking you higher.

Sleep Lightly 2024

Alternative rock with affirmation. Hans Atom blows the roof off with this blistering rock remix of DeBenedictis’ “Sleep Lightly.” This is an inspirational anthem, a theme song for survival.
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