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New Feature: "As Seen on the Web"

permalink   Tue, Feb 26, 2008 @ 3:48 PM
We’ve officially turned on the As Seen on the Web feature which emphasizes the fantastic exposure our artists have enjoyed in the last few years.

Here’s a mini-faq about the new section of the site:

I made a video and used a track from this site, what do I do?

Go to that track’s upload page and note the section at the bottom left side that says “I Saw or Used [this upload] in a…” and click on ‘Video’. Fill out the information, make sure to include the URL address to the web page that the video is hosted on and include any embed tag you wish to share with us.

I made a video and used more than one track from this site

Follow the steps above, then on the second (and subsequent tracks) you only need to put the URL address of the page that hosts your video - just make sure it is exactly the same URL address in all forms.

I made a podcast/album/mega-mix/etc and used a track from this site

The steps are the same as for video above, just click on the appropriate ‘I Used/Saw’ link for your medium.

Someone remixed my a cappella, posted it here and I put it on my album

Cool. Go to page with the remix and select ‘Album’ to submit the link to the web page for your album.

I remixed an a cappella and posted the remix here and put it on my own album

Also cool. Go to the page with the a cappella and select ‘Album’ to submit the link to the web page of your album.

Do not submit a link to your album with your remix. That’s just a self-promotion advertising and we don’t want this feature to turn into that.

Hope this all makes sense…

permalink   Mon, May 12, 2008 @ 11:00 AM
After 2 months we’re approaching 500 officially sanctioned video, podcast, etc. trackbacks to content on our site.

It’s worth making a note about that crazy monster video magnet gurdonark (!!!)

Unfortunately we’ve had to take a pass on many trackback requests that fall into the following categories:

The poster did not leave a valid email address

We won’t publish the trackback link if we can’t contact you for questions.

The link points directly to media (e.g. mp3)

The trackback link must be to a web page.

The link points to your home page

The trackback link must be to the page with the media featured on it, your home page is not enough.

There is no proper Attribution at the page

If you don’t properly attribute the work you used then that’s a violation of the Creative Commons license and we won’t link to you.

You’re pointing to yourself

What that means is that you uploaded a remix here, then use our trackback system to point people to your own myspace (or blog or whatever) with no added value.


[UPDATE July 5, 2009]
permalink   Thu, May 22, 2008 @ 9:52 PM
I’ve updated the list above to include some other reasons why we’re turning down trackback links.