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...entity, which would support the site by licensing music commercially. i think, since the issue directly involves the community, t
multiple sites doing different things ok just wanted to say i've proposed collab features & lyric support features on ccmixter, and now i...
...ll find here, and support the talented and diverse group which created them. all sounds may be freely used in any production,
thanks for listening !! thanks to everyone out there coming in and listening to my new tracks, it's your in-put and support that keeps it...
... is this: would you support or participate with a website devoted solely to remix competitions where the voting takes place by the c
all the luv... [b][/b][green][/green]hey fellow mixters, thank u so much for inspiring and supporting me. this site means everything in t...
..., tag mod and other support. details for the next round of the game coming next week! i hope to see you all join in again!! *m os, and windows. supports wav, aiff, ogg, and mp3 formats. features include envelope editing, mixing, built-in effects and plug-i
...specially at studio support h2o:). the remix can be executed in any direction of electronic music, beginning from house and fini
... no such interface supported." is there something i'm doing wrong? please help.
... is not endorsed or supported by the the subgenius foundation inc.) no cash alternative is available, but i will donate the $30 to
...mely itunes and the support in portable devices.[/quote] wmp played mp3 before windows xp. the windows media player in windows 98