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...ruggle free is what strengthens your wings to carry you forward? i offer you every mirror. your reflection is in love with you,
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...wan’ policies and strengthen taiwan through industry”. the smart machinery promotion office has been established under the mi
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...r things that would strengthen their bond of friendship and reveal in them something greater than themselves. one was found within e
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review of 'the soldier' by 'zapac' very nice. perfect harmony between music and poem. they strengthen each other.
review of 'escape pod' by 'quarkstar' a great story arc that strengthens and throws a new light onto the music. the words and vocals turn...
review of 'heart stopping lies' by 'csoul' very subtle back vocals add with nice guitar touches that strengthens the feeling of this son...
...ection, but instead strengthening it. odd fun, i enjoyed it. thanks!
...ck is augmented and strengthened by curious, vybe's and tru ski's heartfelt lyrical darts. another certified banger from cdk.
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