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...lways tell the same stories: and then he sat next to me in the car and gets messages from some women and i have with my best friend
...when a couple three stories below me walked by in the balmy summer night. he said with a german accent meant to mimic american engli
...ros with voices and stories about my life. sometimes i think the whole universe revolves around me. and sometimes i think i'm a very
...heir heart breaking stories to the worlds media ,solidarity_songs,remix,pell,media,non_commercial,audio,mp3,44k,stereo,cbr,female_vo
...uru and he told us stories of his father who was a baker but had never made a loaf of bread oh these were heady days these wer
the people they were meant to be there are so many stories coming out of ukraine. amongst them stories of how people are holding onto th...
... mix grew love stories he bought a ticket for her love in a soho club he was a man of gold with purely good intentions she
...d jeremy all of her stories embellished but warm to the touch and she listened in silence as he gave her his best shot and she tho
... listening to these stories, i painted pictures of starships. in the end it was far better, than star wars 6 what i saw in 1983 o
...n some of his weird stories. and one comment was: imagine his stories were all true, but we take them as ramblings...:) yes im
...//]improvising on this[/url] track at home, [url=
..., with silly little stories of my life which i face every day. in my small little apartement 0.8 miles away from the megacomputers o