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review of 'just breath' by 'sackjo22' [red]yes![/red] so many things in here that just are so satisfying! the beat, the flute, the bass g...
review of 'everything looks different ( in fra red )' by 'waysidedrive' satisfying synth goodness [up][/up]check vocal shifting excellen...
review of 'in an oriental mood' by 'speck' peaceful and quietly lush. makes it easy to listen and very satisfying. nicely done.
review of 'stir often' by 'ciggiburns' chunky, gritty and satisfying, like grinding really sugary fudge between the big back teeth. or be...
...tement. a really satisfying, professional-sounding mix. the keys that come in just before the extro are just right. great
...o get lost in and a satisfying wallow, very cool.
... as well. but it is satisfying, isn't it, when those taps rub up to such a sparkling shine?
review of 'bolone' by 'denny walker' quite a tasty stew. ingredients are very well mixed for an exciting and satisfying whole.
... find a settled and satisfying path soon :-).
...ty morsel. another satisfying dish. any chance of uploading the instrumental as a donation to someone less fortunate (me) who is t
review of 'computer (lost on a mushy planet mix)' by 'fourstones' very satisfying (!)
...arate pieces into a satisfying whole, but the sense that even were the track just in the backround, a part of your brain ends up get