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...elody so that i can practice playing them.
review of 'deep whale adagio (ambient)' by 'sackjo22' great ambient track suitable for contemplative practice. thank you for shairng.
...rounding, breathing practice with this most lovely track -- so thank you! btw, my working title for my track the whole time has
...going on my somatic practice workout playlist. sometimes we need to go into the earth and this track definitely helps with that eve
review of 'memories of better times' by 'sackjo22' a beautiful accompaniment to this morning's practice. i hope you and yours are st...
review of 'the colour of music' by 'sackjo22' this is so great. the bop. the tone. i can see using it for somatic practice for sure. ...
...sing it for somatic practice. it's really good.
...e that as my guitar practice playing got a cognitive distortion. nice doodles indeed i thought i heard a elp chord, "from the beginn
review of 'new banjo' by 'stefan kartenberg' keep on trying. i love the banjo sound. with some practice it will all come back.
... and running my law practice on the new machine, i will be dropping you a note somewhere about this software if it will run on a mac
...n awesome harmonica practice track! thanks!!
...e greatly - it is a practice that too often robs the vocal of emotion and natural-ness. but i can't deny that deepening snowflake
...on't stop study and practice all aspects of music, it means it need a lot of energy. one more time, an excellent track.
... two projects in my practice-makes-there's-no-such-thing-as-perfect hopper.
...ood at putting into practice these concepts. thanks again