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review of 'ballad of wiki' by 'narva9' weirdly great! although i think you maybe spending too much time online....perhaps a walk (like o...
review of 'in my heart again' by 'illusivemind' very sweet. an exemplar of online collaboration, well done everyone.
... have mix elsewhere online if you need an example. cut the lot up where you think it works an put parts in different spots so it all
... tracks and make an online cd (the cd is for free). i think i could be selected for the next cd. ofcourse i need your "ok", because
... i started mixing online about two years ago and felt pretty intimidated by the competition i heard. but it turned out that wh ceiling[/url] online is the low res version. i have two daughters.. and i'm right with you on you comments.
...ns i end up sharing online) and am always looking for more. my mind can get lost in these sounds you've created, which is a good th
...e kind of elaborate casino heist or something to this music ;-)
... the voice and the lonliness of the lyrics. great job.
...rd for this type of online collaboration. it would make it so much easier to leave comments. ;) there's more coming right? : )
...ou remix cc samples online. i can get you an invite if you would like one. just email me: thanks! am
...dit] i put my track online, if you want to hear what your drums are now ! it's 'ass worship'. thanks again !
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