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profiles hi, i think the info on the profiles is sometimes weak. i think it's cool to add space for the gear used (soft y hardware), the...
...le for all facebook network comming on artists pages. so, more than a classic player, people could "see" collaborations growing b
...t, from "pyramid" "network 23" by tangerine dream, from "exit" we don't need whole songs, just short sound samples that will en
...ler for it at www.btnetwork.org. i had the pleasure and honor to play guitar and do some programming for the album. i hope you
...ed on conversation, networking, and presentations from people or groups who are developing projects that relate to creative commons
...dation, the omidyar network fund, the hewlett foundation, and the rockefeller foundation, as well as members of the public. for mo
...part of the cartoon networkís adult swim line-up. jeff chang is the author of the american book award-winning canít stop woní
...tivity is linked to networks and tools in digitally mediated creative industries. i invite you to participate in this research by co
cant upload through browser. im on a network behind a firewall so can't upload through my browser. so maybe an admin can upload it for ...
soapbox: comcast sued for revealing info the riaa [quote]"seattle - comcast corp., the top u.s. cable television network operator, is bei...
...http://ccmixter.org/profiles.php?uid=9 and after i get some sleep i'll let you know wheres and hows of checking all this new stuf
...e based on the user profiles might help us find others to collaborate with... just an idea, anyway...