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...ons that the german government provides you with for free on a regular basis. that’s what i think to myself and think of my las
...ur which the german government reimbursed her with 120 dollars. thanks to my health insurance credit card. however, there is one
...ation of the german government? and biden said: we have our means… and the europeans now have to go begging to the arabs. franc
...00 found out by the government, how is the iq average in other countries. according to the website. laenderdaten.info there is th
... in here. ... government declares state of emergency drought! englishmen hoard drinking water “we urge everyone to contr
...ieces of silver. governments looked on unconcerned and when they thought they could get away with it ministers took "loans" from
...ged people, the new government of germany, she has a lifelong credit, she is paying for until she gets 65. and she is sitting in her
...s of yours with the government that use public domain sounds, you must indicate them in the application process (limit of claims sec
everyone's an expert it seems everyone has an opinion on covid. who do we believe. the government, the scientists, the crazy people? ...
...o proud to stand in government bread lines to receive bags of rice and meat. as a child she knew how tough times affected her family
... ohio and our state government’s response to the covid-19 crisis has been excellent. we’ve got an amazing director of the ohio d
... ohio and our state government's response to the covid-19 crisis has been excellent. we've got an amazing director of the ohio depar