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... you can remix them online in our sequencer to make songs. mix your stuff with other member's loops and make music together! or re
cleared fo updating.. i have taken about half of my mixes down for updating, i have left what i feel are some of my better mixes.. check ...
...ere are established online communities that are staffed by cc and ready to discuss all kind of issues related to licenses. you can f
could i host a remix competition online, for a "prize?" could i host a remix competition of songs from the wired magazine samples, found ...
help me get started anything you can suggust is awsome as soon as we get tracks laid corrodedfuze will be online baby!
... disc which is sold online. the contest however allows cc-noncommerical to be used in the remixes. the sale of the song would se
finding tracks to remix ok maybe i'm missing something, but is there an easier way to find tracks that users are submitting online to be ...
...tion only available online (meaning there's only a download, you can't order a cd) like stated in the rules? i know some artists hav
...t. and is there any online "mixing for dummies" kind of website that i can read and learn from? thanks for anyone's time w
...d, and putting them online for open remixing under a cc. i want to be able to share all the source material with this community but
...ame" available online under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial license. under this license, producers, djs, and rem
...als are available online at the popular remix community for use as source material to be included in entrants so