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review of 'choosing the way' by 'stefan kartenberg' uhhh thatā“s great [up][/up][up][/up][up][/up] - reminds me to the famous "art of noi...
review of 'my prayer for you' by 'essesq' thank you robbero for choosing my pella to work with. i like the vocal treatment also and ther...
...o i appreciate your choosing to take this path in remixing my work. the chainsaw sounds have particular resonance for me... wait, i
...ery many thanks for choosing one of mine for this fabulous composition.
... air! thank you for choosing my song, dan. [up][/up]
... thanks so much for choosing these vocal tracks!
review of 'a foolish game' by 'loveshadow' nice stuff, drums are always solid from you. i don't think anyone will be choosing this for a ...
review of 'another way (pwd aco2008 mix)' by 'speck' first, thanks for choosing my samples to work with. i like the sparse use you made o...
... middle. thanks for choosing my words to remix, rob
...mposer's/producer's choosing. lovely work [up][/up]
...proach. thanks for choosing two samples which have never been remixed by anyone else!
review of 'like the deer (keymix)' by 'kathybrocks' thanks for choosing one of my poems dox. i appreciate it. it sounds really good. d...
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