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...and drives away the attention from the tricky vocals.
...ou really caught my attention with "revolve" and i've been a fan ever since, but now i'm officially hooked!!!!!.......i lo
dustred review of "history" kept my attention
...at require too much attention from me, but this song wasn't suitable for background music after all. in a positive way.
...ging this track the attention it deserves: upload the a cappella ;) 5
... at 1:07 brought my attention completely to the drums but they didn't do anything for 16 seconds it's wasn't it'll 1:21 that i reali
...ing bits attracting attention to various things.
... really made me pay attention to the lyrics. thanks man.
peaboy o'titis review of "1sttryatasong" it's...uhhh...pretty bad. it order to get someone to pay attention for more than 30 seconds,...
...have a really short attention span when it comes to music, so take that as you will. suggestions aside, i love the vibe of this tra
future boy review of "mourning glori militia mix" again with the short attention span. i just can't deal when the juxtapositions are th...