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review of 'the holy family escapes into egypt' by 'scomber' a real journey! thanks for remixing me with such care and attention :)
review of 'die trying' by 'gurdonark' great mix--the lyrics and vocals hold my attention, and the smoothness with which the elements of t...
review of 'unbury your trains' by 'apoxode' this is incredible! your attention to detail is inspiring! going through the stems i can see ...
review of 'martin cee (apoxode mix)' by 'speck' great mix. variety and attention to detail. fantastic.
review of 'red sky (why)' by 'panu' this got my attention. . . . listened multiple times. . . . got into 'heavy nod' each time. 808 bass ...
review of 'pay attention' by 'rightclk' [up][/up][up][/up][up]
... oversensitive, and attention-seeking, and a border-liner) loving... but beautifully... not for gaining something... and this
...luemillenium got my attention trs vite and immediately brought to mind [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/cookie_and_his_cupcakes
...i love horns!), the attention to detail in the percussion, this... this makes me feel silly. i love this so much! i try to provide c
...careful to not draw attention to ourselves or our ship. can we get some stardust wraps and gravity nectar too? :-)
...t you will get more attention on your mix once you have uploaded the mp3 as the preview file and use the flac as high quality sample
...mixing. i am paying attention to how you did this, learning a lot.
... can hear the great attention to detail you've given each melody, each sound, each transition. great work.
review of 'pay attention' by 'texasradiofish' fresh beat, rsl
...nd it pulls all the attention right to the vocals (though there's some cool keyboard stuff happening too). so well constructed!