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Sun, Jan 7 1:53 AM Aussens@iter review of Too Close by Dan_Mantau
This is brilliant! Many thanks for taking my guitar to a higher level!
Sun, Jan 7 1:28 AM Bluemillenium review of Too Close by Dan_Mantau
Fantastique !
Sat, Jan 6 3:25 PM Snowflake review of Pool of Love (Nulounge Treatment) by fourstones
incredible voicings and arrangement. smooth and delicious.
Sat, Jan 6 3:22 PM Snowflake review of Yesterdays Love by Scott Altham
just found this and yes, too short, but oh so divine.
Sat, Jan 6 3:19 PM Snowflake review of Pool Of Love (TMS Discotechnique Mix) by medicisoundsystem
you are so talented! i love this mix!!
Sat, Jan 6 3:18 PM Snowflake review of Pool of Love (Minimal) by minimal_art
one of my favorite remixes and a big reason i became active in this community.
Sat, Jan 6 2:09 PM Stefan Kartenberg review of Too Close by Dan_Mantau
very nice
Sat, Jan 6 11:35 AM Stein review of Sinn Los (with Stein) by Mana Junkie
thank you Mana for useing.
Sat, Jan 6 9:58 AM Bluemillenium review of Sous le figuier by Gentil
Hello Gentil, bienvenue sur CC MIxter. Pour que ton morceau soit écouté de to...
Sat, Jan 6 9:23 AM Snowflake review of heart of mine by kris_skywork
so dreamy and delightful!
Sat, Jan 6 9:18 AM Snowflake review of Waking Me Softly by P7R7L5 (DJ Yegor)
amazingly beautiful remix!
Sat, Jan 6 9:12 AM Snowflake review of Just Beginning by Admiral Bob
love the percussion along with your beautiful guitar!
Sat, Jan 6 9:10 AM Snowflake review of Universe by Dagon
Lovely, ethereal space so patiently dreamy and then the power rhythm! amazing!
Sat, Jan 6 3:19 AM Speck review of The Other Side by Mr_Yesterday
You have been and continue to be exemplary for me in my amateur attempts at self...
Fri, Jan 5 8:08 PM SherifZineldine review of The Art Of Dying by Chris Horne
I see much potential in this, I wonder about the meaning however. It'd be intere...
Fri, Jan 5 2:21 PM Snowflake review of Snowflake - Falling (Progression Labs Remix) by Progression Labs
incredible mix!!!
Fri, Jan 5 1:35 PM Snowflake review of Whole (Wedding Waltz Version) by keytronic
you are so talented!!
Fri, Jan 5 4:48 AM RizkeyG review of 5 Minutes 2 Midnight by Aussens@iter
Boom There it is :-)
Fri, Jan 5 4:39 AM RizkeyG review of Life Would Change by Debby Rosenberg
You have given me a nucleus .
Fri, Jan 5 4:33 AM RizkeyG review of Dazz tha way love goes by reiswerk
Sounds like some kind of ambient Andre 3000
Fri, Jan 5 4:32 AM RizkeyG review of The Colour Of Mirror (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter
Brilliant !
Fri, Jan 5 3:42 AM kris_skywork review of Just Beginning . The Six O Mix 2017 by Loveshadow
the hook line reminds of the time when i was going to the cd store to lend me eu...
Thu, Jan 4 11:55 AM Stefan Kartenberg review of The Other Side by Mr_Yesterday
Damm good song - still on the road? What kind of input device do you use? U got...
Thu, Jan 4 11:22 AM Snowflake review of Stay-For This Moment (TMS Expounding Remix) by medicisoundsystem
i am obsessed with this mix!!!
Thu, Jan 4 11:15 AM Snowflake review of Just Beginning by Aussens@iter
your guitar work is so incredible!
Thu, Jan 4 11:14 AM Snowflake review of Just Beginning - Remixed for Orchestra by Peter Vines
not sure how i missed this, but truly love it!
Thu, Jan 4 11:05 AM Snowflake review of Reflection by offlinebouncer
i love this vibe!
Thu, Jan 4 11:02 AM Snowflake review of My Reflection by Aussens@iter
absolutely beautiful!!!
Thu, Jan 4 4:15 AM Speck review of Downstairs (Atomic Shelter Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
Excellent aggresive expression. It is indeed scary having a child installed (alw...
Wed, Jan 3 3:34 PM Kara Square review of Ethanol1 by zikweb
Wow... this is wonderful. I love how you made your piano and the vocals weave to...