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Sat, Jan 5 3:10 PM J.Lang review of Jazzy Piano Tune by Jeris
wow!!! That's yummy
Sat, Jan 5 10:25 AM THEDARKWORLDPROJECT review of Artificial Gravity (Gravity Mix) by Karstenholymoly
Please upload the stems.
Sat, Jan 5 10:01 AM SoboSystem review of Space Intro by Karstenholymoly
Great. I am prepping a space synth episode of my podcast and this will be an awe...
Sat, Jan 5 9:48 AM Ivan Chew review of 2018 Retrospective by Speck
Wow. Mighty creative. Laying a rather complex and disparate "stems of the month"...
Sat, Jan 5 8:25 AM SoboSystem review of so soon by Speck
One down, 622 to go......
Sat, Jan 5 8:23 AM SoboSystem review of Wataridori 2 - Cornelius by WIRED Magazine CD
God, I love this song.
Sat, Jan 5 7:56 AM SoboSystem review of How to Hypertron 240 by Apoxode
This is incredibly fun, its got a funky beat, and I can dance to it.
Sat, Jan 5 6:30 AM Apoxode review of It´s two zero one and nine by Stefan Kartenberg
This is great! A fresh take on what's becoming a classic. :)
Sat, Jan 5 6:25 AM Apoxode review of Willow Belle by Zep Hurme
This is great -- I really like the voltage synth. :)
Sat, Jan 5 6:15 AM Apoxode review of A Voice Will Rise (From This Living Nightmare) by Speck
Great track -- I really like the vocal sustaining. :)
Sat, Jan 5 4:26 AM Speck review of Blues Harp by Stefan Kartenberg
Great rockin' blues track. Thanks for sharing, very much enjoyed.
Sat, Jan 5 4:16 AM Speck review of The Betty´s trip (deeplastik vs Dj Paris mix) by Deeplastik
Thanks for choosing that sample to play with. I like how you've enhanced the gra...
Fri, Jan 4 10:08 PM DURDEN review of silver white star by sleeperspaceborn
Great. I've always loved your rock treatment over the pellas and this is no exce...
Fri, Jan 4 10:06 PM Mr_Yesterday review of A Voice Will Rise (From This Living Nightmare) by Speck
Yeah, that was great! I don't seem to have felt at all Specked for a long time. ...
Fri, Jan 4 5:31 PM SoboSystem review of Betty's Burgundy Dress by Speck
Well now. Being new to the scene....I can certainly imagine doing something with...
Fri, Jan 4 4:44 PM copperhead review of NO ONE EVER WILL by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
Love the vocal.
Fri, Jan 4 4:42 PM copperhead review of Mona Lisa Choir by SackJo22
You always do incredible harmonies Susan!
Fri, Jan 4 4:38 PM copperhead review of Menthol (take the chance) by Admiral Bob
Great track Admiral! Awesome vocals! Congrats on the ed pick.
Fri, Jan 4 4:33 PM copperhead review of You Are My Home by Kara Square
I can hear a choir singing along. Lovely song Kara.
Fri, Jan 4 4:30 PM copperhead review of Amplify the Light (pell) by Snowflake
Another fine track. Love your harmonies.
Fri, Jan 4 4:27 PM copperhead review of Tracing My Steps by Radioontheshelf
Very nice. I can hear the arrangement playing in my head.
Fri, Jan 4 1:55 PM Scomber review of A Voice Will Rise (From This Living Nightmare) by Speck
love how the synth weaves around the other instruments against the dystopian voc...
Fri, Jan 4 1:53 PM Scomber review of It´s two zero one and nine by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice jaunty rolling rhythm with a hint of latin with your guitar work and the dr...
Fri, Jan 4 1:49 PM Scomber review of Willow Belle by Zep Hurme
Ha artsy+++ not what I expected when I first hit play. Massive strings and your ...
Fri, Jan 4 11:53 AM mwic review of Shambala by raja_ffm
Sita Sings the Shambala! Love this, great job and congrats on the nom .
Fri, Jan 4 8:07 AM reiswerk review of Basic Blue Jungle Mechanism by septahelix
Action-Film Soundtrack!
Fri, Jan 4 7:28 AM panu review of "Believe" by Scomber
great song. . . . !!! 's & lighters UP!!!
Fri, Jan 4 3:08 AM Scomber review of Things I Love, Things I Hate by SoboSystem
hey Sobo thanks for remixing me and welcome to ccmixter,,,Cant believe my daught...
Thu, Jan 3 10:10 PM Apoxode review of Rain, 3482 A.D. by SoboSystem
Excellent stem for an ambient sculpture. I ran it through a highpass filter of 2...
Thu, Jan 3 10:03 PM Apoxode review of "Believe" by Scomber
You've got the juice!