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Sun, Mar 8 3:26 AM coruscate review of Water by Dagon
This is an extremely good acapella. Do you know what scale this is in? I'd love ...
Sun, Mar 8 3:16 AM coruscate review of Lullaby for Day by Dominique Cypr├Ęs
A simple tune, I'm surprised it's unused. It has range, depth and put through a ...
Sun, Mar 8 3:02 AM coruscate review of Longed For World by Speck
Fun and gritty!
Sat, Mar 7 4:11 PM Abstract Audio review of MEGAMIX - The Rebirth by coruscate
I'm going to listen to the whole track again tommorow with fresh ears. I love th...
Sat, Mar 7 10:04 AM AOS review of We Made the Monsters by Kara Square
OMG!!! Its been like 10 years..I'm Back..Ill be working on this one this week. A...
Sat, Mar 7 3:48 AM panu review of Bathroom Surfers by Stefan Kartenberg
Sat, Mar 7 3:36 AM Speck review of lohop blues by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Well conjured scene. Expressive playing. Very nice.
Sat, Mar 7 2:17 AM coruscate review of Long Live Water by Colin Mutchler
This is a real tight set of lyricism and delivery!
Sat, Mar 7 2:13 AM coruscate review of Ordinary People (Rise from the Ashes) by Scomber
From a "crate digger" to a "crate digger" the backing track was a master class c...
Sat, Mar 7 2:10 AM coruscate review of H2O instrumental by airtone
This is excellent work! Absolutely mesmerizing!
Fri, Mar 6 9:29 PM Javolenus review of Archy Tops by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
This is really beautiful! Flute tones and bass are perfect--filling out the spec...
Fri, Mar 6 4:43 AM Javolenus review of Dub 19 by texasradiofish
Kool. For sure!
Fri, Mar 6 4:42 AM Javolenus review of Bathroom Surfers by Stefan Kartenberg
Great-quality sounds!
Fri, Mar 6 3:42 AM Speck review of Dream of the forest (jazzy mix) by articom
Good add.
Fri, Mar 6 3:38 AM Speck review of Bathroom Surfers by Stefan Kartenberg
Fri, Mar 6 2:07 AM coruscate review of We Rise by Kara Square
This was a joyous, fun acapella to work with. I always admire your drive for mer...
Fri, Mar 6 1:28 AM Stefan Kartenberg review of Funky Cravings by Javolenus
Fri, Mar 6 12:40 AM coruscate review of Drink in Time by bangcorrupt
This is lowrider music. And sword fighting music. So it depends on if you're Z...
Fri, Mar 6 12:37 AM coruscate review of Snap! by Whitewolf
Very funky! Definite playlist material for my car.
Fri, Mar 6 12:18 AM coruscate review of Rocky Road to Dublin by Javolenus
There's some loopable strumming in that first bit I can almost hear the hip hop ...
Fri, Mar 6 12:15 AM coruscate review of King of the Faeries by Stefan Kartenberg
This is stellar work, hands down. All of it. Definite hand clapper!
Fri, Mar 6 12:14 AM coruscate review of King of the Faeries (Trad.) by Javolenus
This is a very clean, good sounding guitar session. And it's really interesting ...
Fri, Mar 6 12:12 AM coruscate review of Carrickfergus (Trad.) by Javolenus
Extremely beautiful work, I can feel the rhythm without any drumbeat.
Fri, Mar 6 12:08 AM coruscate review of Selkie's Daughter (Orchestral) by Siobhan Dakay
Beautiful, serene. Uplifting and haunting at the same time. Good work, both of y...
Fri, Mar 6 12:06 AM coruscate review of Cm114-Folky-impro by Javolenus
Cinematic, powerful. Down to earth in a number of ways. This is good stuff, says...
Thu, Mar 5 11:26 PM coruscate review of The World Ends by MissJudged
A vivid, storyteller's description worthy of a book or a cinematic scene. Gol...
Thu, Mar 5 11:06 PM coruscate review of GO TIME by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
I'm with TRF the instrumentals are hella hot. It's got a nice... hesitation to t...
Thu, Mar 5 1:35 PM Apoxode review of Funky Cravings by Javolenus
Sweet! Great jam all around :)
Thu, Mar 5 1:32 PM Apoxode review of The Good Of The Earth And Sun by Speck
Very cool, I like what you did with all the stems! The vibe works well with the...
Thu, Mar 5 12:23 PM J.Lang review of Dub 19 by texasradiofish
Toooo Short but very nice.