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Tue, Nov 7 5:04 PM minimal_art review of Awel by stefsax
BoooooooooooooGie! :) It is perfect!
Tue, Nov 7 4:38 PM minimal_art review of Sunrise (extended Jessurun remix ) by Klaus_N
I love your remixes .. and it's splendid masterpiece The reverb is too much fo...
Tue, Nov 7 2:02 PM Tapsa review of Tu corazón (Treatment) by fourstones
Really cool mix. Very musical...Tastefull.... I like room ambience...perfect ...
Tue, Nov 7 1:33 PM Tapsa review of Mustang Needs Discipline by MIXXIM
Yeaaahhh...Leather... ;)
Tue, Nov 7 1:23 PM KCentric review of Hard Moon by Pitx
Nice mix! It's abstract but yet earthy.
Tue, Nov 7 1:21 PM BeeAge review of Sunrise (extended Jessurun remix ) by Klaus_N
Nice fretless ... and nice atmosphere. I would have liked a little more of th...
Tue, Nov 7 1:07 PM ztutz review of Hard Moon by Pitx
I really like the way the door squeak moves from being a "noise" to being a pitc...
Tue, Nov 7 9:54 AM PorchCat review of Guilty By Association - by teru
Another nice jazzy, meditative piece. You're really feeling the groovey coffee h...
Tue, Nov 7 9:43 AM PorchCat review of HowSoon (Nyx mix) by Citizen Nyx
Soulful, mellow, poignant. Very well done. It's very easy to drift off into a wo...
Tue, Nov 7 9:38 AM PorchCat review of Something Burning by stefsax
This is fantastic. It strongly feels like an experimental vinyl from the 50s or ...
Tue, Nov 7 9:36 AM PorchCat review of Hallowed Ween by norelpref
I without doubt agree with you. This is definately movie-ready. It would be perf...
Tue, Nov 7 9:32 AM PorchCat review of Cringing From You by NoiseCollector
Very groovey local goth band sound. I particularly like the local press/8-track ...
Tue, Nov 7 9:21 AM PorchCat review of Borderline by MC Jack in the Box
Nice straightforward Brad mix. Very well done and mixed. This is one of my favor...
Tue, Nov 7 9:16 AM PorchCat review of Coming For Your Crown (remix) (demo) by Analog By Nature
The smooth hip-hop flow, done as it should be. Of course, with cdk and these col...
Tue, Nov 7 5:07 AM gurdonark review of Hard Moon by Pitx
Quirky fun. Great use of field recordings. The melody is really memorable. That ...
Tue, Nov 7 5:03 AM gurdonark review of Electro9 by inki
I like the solid set of electro-beats, which can be sampled and altered in all k...
Tue, Nov 7 4:54 AM stefsax review of Sunrise (extended Jessurun remix ) by Klaus_N
I like it.Nice song.I'm a fan of pink floyd,so..
Tue, Nov 7 3:16 AM acclivity review of Hard Moon by Pitx
Excallent mix. Reminds me of the 'Glagolitic Mass' by Janacek.
Mon, Nov 6 7:36 PM Diane_Jessurun review of Sunrise (extended Jessurun remix ) by Klaus_N
I can tell you worked really hard on this and I think it sounds great! :)
Mon, Nov 6 5:02 AM trader review of Pool of Love (Minimal) by minimal_art
This is really "minimal". I like that sound - keep up the good work!!
Mon, Nov 6 4:59 AM trader review of Almost Live At Club Brassmataz by KCentric
This one is really nice!
Mon, Nov 6 3:38 AM Vurma review of Supergirl by BeeAge
haha! very playful piano line. u have to upload that one!
Mon, Nov 6 2:40 AM behsat review of Remember the Name - A Cappellas by Fort Minor
it is so beautifuul song, i love it!
Mon, Nov 6 1:33 AM fourstones review of Supergirl by BeeAge
oh, you have to upload the piano track ;) use 'manage files' and I'll make su...
Sun, Nov 5 3:28 PM Vurma review of Overreacting - remix by teru
Very tight and professional sounding mix. Cant find any gaps what so ever, nor m...
Sun, Nov 5 3:24 PM Vurma review of Awel by stefsax
Very light and easy to listen to. Nice guitar!
Sun, Nov 5 1:05 PM MC Jack in the Box review of Awel by stefsax
i was wondering the same thing about the horns? either way, this is so luciou...
Sun, Nov 5 12:59 PM teru review of Awel by stefsax
So good. I love your mixes.: ) Q: Are the horns VSTi or real? I can't tell.
Sun, Nov 5 12:41 PM stefsax review of Who? (The Mix Pack Experience) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
VERY GOOD,perfect sound,good job man,5/5 rating
Sun, Nov 5 11:21 AM J.Lang review of Open your eyes Djiz RMX by Kwame
Vocals are of just a bit. Beat is ok but it would cool if u had a few drops or a...