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Millennium Falcon for Christmas
by Scomber
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Mon, Dec 22, 2008 @ 4:27 PM

Uses samples from:

permalink   Mon, Dec 22, 2008 @ 4:42 PM
Fantastic Scomber, ultra funky. Star Wars is and shall forever remain one of my favorite movies. I love what you did with all the “live” elements, the sax etc are great, and of course the Darth Vader vocals are terrific. Really nice work technically, musically and with a heapin’ helpin’ of fun.

Glad you can’t seem to keep your end of year resolution. Oh well, there’s always 2009 :-).

For the record, when the movie first came out I seriously loved Luke Skywalker but over time I have grown to appreciate the rustic grandeur and sharp wit of Han Solo. Gotta love a man with a Wookie.
permalink   Scomber Mon, Dec 22, 2008 @ 4:49 PM
Thanks essesq, I bet you had a Luke Skywalker poster on your bedroom wall! Yeah - so much for keeping my “last mix this year” resolution. Fail.
I promised John and the santa clock was ticking; at least that international date line was working in my favor.
permalink   essesq Tue, Dec 23, 2008 @ 9:21 AM
For the record I have never had any cinematic image on my bedroom walls, they have always been reserved for my favorite people, musicians :-).
permalink   Mon, Dec 22, 2008 @ 8:34 PM
this is one of those that started out as “interesting” and then totally grew on me while the remix proceeded.

[EDIT]arrggh … you totally ruined my once cherished image of the Princess[/EDIT] ;-)
permalink   Scomber Mon, Dec 22, 2008 @ 9:40 PM
My apologies dude for that last image of me in my bathrobe
MC Jack in the Box
permalink   Mon, Dec 22, 2008 @ 8:46 PM
is that you playing bass? you gotta throw that shit up here d00d.

cool mix, tight. but i’m not sure the star wars samples are ok to use. seems kind of out of bounds to me.
permalink   Scomber Mon, Dec 22, 2008 @ 9:39 PM
Yeah its me on the bass. (sort of) I repitched my acoustic down an octave. I’ll post as a sample as soon as I’m back in the studio.
permalink   Mon, Dec 22, 2008 @ 9:00 PM
Hey S!!!

Nice work man… Im totally agree with MC Jack about the bass… man it’s awesome! and the brass section are perfect!

About using the Star Wars samples… It’s Ok!!! hehehehe… Im thinking about using some Mc Jack voiceover for my next remix..but dont tell him anything about it ;)

Great Work
permalink   Scomber Mon, Dec 22, 2008 @ 9:41 PM
Thanks Wellman! Cheers
Scott Altham
permalink   Tue, Dec 23, 2008 @ 2:07 AM
Great mix man. I still have my Millennium Falcon along with removable chess table up in my folks loft. Good ol’ SW’s
permalink   Tue, Dec 23, 2008 @ 3:02 AM
i think your work of the past 30 days proves you could put out a killer track a day for as long as you want to. so on that level, i give you dubble props for restraint, and for boundless creativity. the music & mix on this funky fun-fest are just outstanding.
permalink   Tue, Dec 23, 2008 @ 3:26 AM
Now there I am thinking you’re lying on the beach with an iced bucket of Fosters and a “Pammy” on either side.

But all the time you’re behind closed doors knocking up another gem.

Great idea and execution and some first class sounds bouncing around in this one.

I’m looking forward to Xmas days upload!!:O)
permalink   Scomber Tue, Dec 23, 2008 @ 3:46 AM
I sometimes miss a day RT.
Correct beverage choice (beer that is) but only one blond. (one is more than enough)
Most probably no upload likely Xmas day though;-)
I’m heading north in the new year with Ms B so I’ll miss a whole week in the studio - but will still be online for plenty of CCMixter inspiration. I’m sure I’ll throw up a couple more before 2008 is gone…remixes that is not beers.
permalink   Tue, Dec 23, 2008 @ 8:58 AM
While I am still struggling with John’s tune, you again have uploaded something great. I actually added some brass to my version last night, but it sounds so not cool now I have heard your version (and let’s not forget that bass; I am not even going to try to add bass to mine now). Damn you, Scomber, and your talent!……….I need more red wine…and another remix challenge (sorry John)…..
John Anealio
permalink   Wed, Dec 31, 2008 @ 4:41 PM
Very Funky! I enjoy the Darth Vader sample. I linked to this in my last blog post.