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Reviews for "Numbers"

by salvatoreJ
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Tue, Mar 2, 2021 @ 10:10 PM

Uses samples from:

permalink   Wed, Mar 3, 2021 @ 5:53 AM
Great flow and attention to detail, moves along nicely :)

After listening to the stems (well done by the way), I’d recommend bringing the bass levels up on the main mix (preview), because it doesn’t reflect on the levels in the stems.
permalink   salvatoreJ Wed, Mar 3, 2021 @ 12:45 PM
Hi Apoxode,

Yes, the stems unity gain were normalized for public use and much louder in comparison to the remix.

I had tough time keeping Kara in-front of the mix, she keys-in averaging 150-300 Hz and is a powerhouse belting it out!. the bass, her, and convolver reverb became its own living animal amplifying and canceling, I tried usual tricks which caused the mix to fall apart.

what worked was establishing good full vocals, mixing all track instruments at a whisper of volume and rendering it that way. later normalize.

the whisper mixdown and rendering gained clarity but lost dynamics.
some bass issues was me playing it safe.

Gonna pump it up, see what happens!

please feel free to advise.
Kara Square
permalink   Thu, Mar 4, 2021 @ 7:52 AM
Yeah! This is great, Sal! Clean and crisp. Nice synth melodies. So cool that you shared that huge sample pack, too! Thanks for remixing me!
permalink   salvatoreJ Thu, Mar 4, 2021 @ 4:37 PM
Thank You Kara,

Glad to be contributing and the “clean & crisp” credit goes to: ADAM AUDIO T5V.

My newly purchased nearfield monitors.