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Elizabeth June (Dogmix)
by oldDog
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Tue, Jul 29, 2008 @ 2:45 AM

Uses samples from:

permalink   Tue, Jul 29, 2008 @ 3:45 AM
Well you beat me to the post with Kristin’s vox and very nice it is too.

What struck me was the similarity in feeling between our two mixes. Which is down to the vox style I guess!

Very nice playing on this with some very good sounds that blend really well.

Alas I cannot claim any glory on the playing side as everything is down to the boys and girls!

Neat work again!!
permalink   Tue, Jul 29, 2008 @ 8:15 AM
Oh brother - the string transition here is just outstanding. Such a simple tune, but so nicely crafted and a perfect complement with these vocals.

Beautiful, beautiful track.
permalink   Tue, Jul 29, 2008 @ 9:43 AM
Wow! The guitar, the bass, those strings, that voice. Stunning!
permalink   Tue, Jul 29, 2008 @ 11:54 AM
I like this melancholic guitar melody. Creates so much mood.
MC Jack in the Box
permalink   Tue, Jul 29, 2008 @ 8:44 PM
unique, original, and really well done. i personally find the KH pellas to be among the hardest to work with, at least in terms of high quality vocal tracks (although they are excellent, they are very unique in tone and delivery). you really nail the backing mix for her vocals here. it’s just a flawlessly effective combination, from the strings, the electric guitar, the bass, everything really. first class amazing mix.
permalink   Wed, Jul 30, 2008 @ 5:41 AM
Love the mood Old Dog -
makes those lyrics more evocative than they already are. Beautiful musical bed - made me sigh.
permalink   Thu, Jul 31, 2008 @ 6:59 AM
Really allows the listener to concentrate on both the music and lyrics equally- nice.
Geert Veneklaas
permalink   Sat, Aug 16, 2008 @ 11:33 AM
This is sooooo beautiful oldDog ! The guitar is brilliant…
permalink   Wed, Jun 24, 2009 @ 10:22 AM
WOW!!! (An inelegant, and perhaps incomplete, but sincere appreciation for what you did here — brilliant!)