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Go Wit Me (Headphone mix)
by duckett
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Fri, Sep 12, 2008 @ 12:19 AM

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permalink   Fri, Sep 12, 2008 @ 2:23 AM
Very smooth mix D!
It reminds me of something but my brain is kind of blocked(lots of rehearslas)
“Throw your hands (up) in the air, (and) wave them all around like you (just) don’t care”
permalink   duckett Sat, Sep 13, 2008 @ 12:01 AM
Thanks George- I wanted to let the decptive simplicity of K’s flow stay the driving force here, I just tried to keep things like kicks etc. tuned, because KCentric likes to throw smooth melodies under his choruses ;-)
Kaer Trouz
permalink   Fri, Sep 12, 2008 @ 7:04 AM
This is really infectious. I know you are instrumentless right now, but I think, when you again have instruments, you might remember these cool little things you did without them, and how you were compelled to create, even without your tools.
permalink   duckett Sat, Sep 13, 2008 @ 12:04 AM
“Infectious” is definitely a treasured word in a review :D
As for the looking back etc., I’m trying to view it as an opportunity to sharpen my manglage skills, guess it’s working a little!
Scott Altham
permalink   Fri, Sep 12, 2008 @ 10:46 AM
Aye Aye, you’ve created a right ol’ classic with these vox (I tried with the KCentric vocals a few times but failed miserably unable to work up something worthy of the vox).

The beat is sharp and the background ambience suits.

permalink   duckett Sat, Sep 13, 2008 @ 12:06 AM
Thanks scott- I may replace the file once I hear it on other systems, but glad you enjoyed!
permalink   Fri, Sep 12, 2008 @ 6:53 PM
I moved the guitar cases that were in the way and reached for my favourite bass guitar. I opened the case took the guitar out and placed it on the stand nearest to me. I walked over to my leads rack and searched for the appropriate one and walked back over and plugged it into the bass.
I then had a crisis moment! Should I DI through a bass effects pedal set up or should I get the amp ready? What mic’s would I use and where should I place them on the speakers for this mix? No I’ll DI!

Back to the bass. Oh I need to stand for this one so over to the strap rack and pull out my big wide Johnny Entwhistle look alike circa 1968.

NAH!! Needs a Jack Bruce skinny cheapo Fender leather for this one!

Walk over to the bass fix the strap on. Time now for a string clean and a bit of tuning!

Problem! Finger style no good for this. Need some heavy weight picks on this one. Now where did I put that box!?

OK! Lets make a start! No sound!! Ah! forgot to plug the lead in! Still no sound! Levels on the mixer too low! OH! it sounds awful lets just do some simple EQing for now!

E…A…D…G That’ll do nicely!

But first I deserve a coffee after all that hard work!!

Mr D! Don’t worry about the real stuff this sounds great!!
permalink   duckett Fri, Sep 12, 2008 @ 9:40 PM
Thanks RT… although your vivid description did make tear up a wee bit *sniff* my poor lost lonely Fender Jazz… *sniff*
I know-you’re only being cruel to be kind, it’s a very good sign :P
permalink   Fri, Sep 12, 2008 @ 11:44 PM
You are coping really well with your ‘limitations’. It sounds great on my headphones too. A bit too early to wake up the neighbours.
permalink   duckett Fri, Sep 12, 2008 @ 11:56 PM
Thanks! What I’d like to do is mix this so it sounds reaaaally nice on an outrageously expensive “Trunk Of Death” system… I’d love to cruise around bumping this on a sunny day ;-)
permalink   Sat, Sep 13, 2008 @ 8:37 AM
This mix has something that it grabs you. Excellent sound in my headphones. That´s enough for me. Well, well done.
permalink   duckett Sat, Sep 13, 2008 @ 9:54 AM
Thanks for the Cookie Monster-themed review… “H is for hooky, that’s good enough for me” ;-)
permalink   Mon, Sep 15, 2008 @ 8:46 PM
Is this ever cool or what? This sounds like it was always meant to be this way - and that although I have cursory familiarity with some of the elements. ;-)

Totally great remix - I love it - and I’m honored — thanks so much for making my day, Mr. D. !
permalink   duckett Mon, Sep 15, 2008 @ 9:53 PM
I was hoping you’d enjoy what I did with your remix of LS… nary a microtone of pitch alteration was necessary, either- thanks for making such a great track to sample!
permalink   Tue, Sep 16, 2008 @ 1:08 PM
another fine one from ”the BOSS OF THE LOW END DUCKSTER”peace!
permalink   duckett Tue, Sep 16, 2008 @ 2:25 PM
LOL… J.Lang taught me everything I know ;-) Thanks!
Clarance Boddyker
permalink   Tue, Sep 30, 2008 @ 2:32 PM
Don’t know how I missed this, great transitions, versatility, one track you got thumping, whomping basslines and here you slow things down and the energy and attitude is still there. I really dig how you synch the pells, that is half the battle on this site with making a track.

I am really impressed with how you can go from hardcore-ass hiphop to more laid back, chill-out rap.
permalink   duckett Tue, Sep 30, 2008 @ 3:12 PM
Thanks CB- I try to follow where the feel of a pella leads me, and have been trying in my more recent efforts to put syncing under the microscope before uploading, so the compliment means a lot!
permalink   Mon, Oct 20, 2008 @ 10:38 PM
Hey Duckett!

I think ur version of ‘Go wit me’ is a pretty rich one. I like ur point of view in this one… very smooth and chill. I wont never forgive u for calling this mix “sterile”.

Great Job man… Im pretty honored u like my version..
permalink   duckett Mon, Oct 20, 2008 @ 10:46 PM
Thanks- I just really liked how different yet tight your remix was… that’s what so rewarding about this site, so many entirely unique but solid takes on a pella or sample! Appreciate the listen/review, keep on remixing ;-)