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Reviews for "AcousticSuperGirl"

by accousticRyan
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Sun, Nov 20, 2005 @ 9:20 PM

Uses samples from:

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Ran Dumb Dots...... .. .
permalink   Wed, Nov 30, 2005 @ 6:50 PM
nice… makes me wish you had had a non-overdubbed pella to use (without the harmonized da da da da das, although I like them - it’s just this version doesn’t need them) - a single-voice pell would make this like hearing Lisa play the song with just guitar in a small venue (how cool would that be?)
permalink   accousticRyan Sat, Dec 3, 2005 @ 4:29 AM
Hey thanks for listening to the tunes… I actually thought of getting rid of the da da da’s but they were kindof tricky to filter :>

I gotta find another vocal to throw a laid back guitar background onto since a lot of people have told me they like it. We’ll see…

Yeah, when I made it I thought this would be the kindof thing that’d sound cool live in a little cafe.
permalink   Sun, Nov 20, 2005 @ 5:35 PM
Simple, yet beautiful in all it subtlties. I prefer this to any techno version using Lisa’s vocals. Maybe it’s just because I tend to listen to mellow music, but I love it. I just love it.

Amazing, even if it is plain and straight forward. Definitely one of my favorites.
permalink   Mon, Nov 21, 2005 @ 1:48 AM
Very pleasant.
permalink   Mon, Nov 21, 2005 @ 1:18 PM
I always have a hard time leaving things alone like this. Nice job!