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Blue Geranium
by Robert Warrington
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Mon, Sep 5, 2016 @ 12:26 PM

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Kara Square
permalink   Tue, Sep 6, 2016 @ 6:55 AM
Cool as heck. Love your delivery. The horns are such a great addition. I’ve never heard of this fairy tale… did you make it up? Regardless, the way you wrote it into a song is inspired! Great to hear a new one from you, Robert. :)
permalink   Robert Warrington Thu, Sep 8, 2016 @ 3:33 PM
Thanks so much Kara. I know it’s been a while. There may or may not be some kind of blue geranium related folk story knocking around somewhere. I wasn’t so much thinking of a specific fairy tale as just playing with the idea of some kind of magical item that could solve any problem.
permalink   Tue, Sep 6, 2016 @ 9:29 AM
Always a pleasure to hear your stuff. You always have a way of delivering your always great lyrics that’s just stellar.
permalink   Robert Warrington Thu, Sep 8, 2016 @ 3:38 PM
Thanks Per. As you know, I feel I just do what I can with the voice I’ve got, but this is a great compliment from a great mixter.
permalink   Tue, Sep 6, 2016 @ 9:37 AM
Thank you for remixing me!, great additions to my tiny and modest song
permalink   Robert Warrington Thu, Sep 8, 2016 @ 3:51 PM
It was my pleasure. Fast Windows was one of the first things I ever downloaded from the site. I had a hunch it would form a good basis for a song. As usual, it’s just taken me quite a long time to act on one of my hunches!