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The Enchanted
by CSoul
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Sun, Jul 31, 2011 @ 3:57 PM
permalink   Mon, Aug 1, 2011 @ 5:01 AM
really cool CSoul. i’ve tinkered with this vocal track some, and you took it a completely different direction than i would have. great concept and production. loved the unexpected tempo change and effects
permalink   CSoul Mon, Aug 1, 2011 @ 6:42 AM
In the early 70’s,some psychedelic rock bands, played by changing tempo ,especially when the live playing.I tried to imitate the sound of their.
Thanks septahelix,
Geert Veneklaas
permalink   Mon, Aug 1, 2011 @ 8:33 AM
Nice job, these tempochanges. Think you nailed the atmosphere you aimed at :-)
Thanks for remixing!
permalink   CSoul Mon, Aug 1, 2011 @ 8:53 AM
Thanks to your great track and it’s samples.Made me happy that you like it.
Thanks Geert,
permalink   Wed, Aug 3, 2011 @ 6:39 AM
Talk about unexpected and experimental, you really have something unique here…and I like it! It’s funny we both did a major change in the middle. You chose tempo and I went for time signature. Very cool track man :)
permalink   CSoul Wed, Aug 3, 2011 @ 9:18 AM
I think these vocal have a hidden effect :)
thanks Jeris,
permalink   Thu, Aug 4, 2011 @ 5:36 AM
Hi, Csoul, nice remix, when i uploaded the tracks i never thought things such as good as your mixes, will be adorned with our tracks hahaha really thanks =) if there is no problem can you updated the tittle with my band’s name (umbra Summi Nobis) instead mine (sangrena)? thanks! =)
permalink   CSoul Thu, Aug 4, 2011 @ 7:30 AM
Hi , sangrena , I am happy to learn that you like it.
I added your band name.Thanks for your nice vocal ,
permalink   Wed, Aug 10, 2011 @ 3:56 PM
Authentic retro rock backing track, CS.
permalink   CSoul Thu, Aug 11, 2011 @ 3:58 AM
Yes , this is authentic.Thanks TRF,