Reviews for "One Two Three (Countess Cipher)"

One Two Three (Countess Cipher)
by 7OOP3D
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Sat, Jun 18, 2011 @ 6:23 AM

Uses samples from:

permalink   Sat, Jun 18, 2011 @ 9:35 PM
This is incredible. I am so happy to have heard this today…I just have to say thank you!
permalink   Sun, Jun 19, 2011 @ 6:17 AM
Excellent work - love your background 7oops
Kara Square
permalink   Mon, Jun 20, 2011 @ 10:45 AM
Awesome. Intense. The contrast of jacinda’s voice and your dark electro composition is just killer. I especially dig the beat box.
permalink   Mon, Jun 20, 2011 @ 11:36 AM
Again one of those masterpieces, that show why ccmixter ist such a great place for music lovers.
Steven M Bryant
permalink   Mon, Jun 20, 2011 @ 11:39 AM
Mana Junkie
permalink   Mon, Jun 20, 2011 @ 12:18 PM
This is simply dynamite!
permalink   Tue, Jun 21, 2011 @ 7:49 AM
You totally and completely expoloited the drama of Jacinda’s vocal in the best possible way. Bravo!
permalink   Tue, Jun 21, 2011 @ 5:27 PM
Perfect power pop.
permalink   Wed, Jun 22, 2011 @ 1:55 PM
You guys are pretty special :)

Other reviewers have said all that’s needed, but I’d like to add I personally get a kick out of this “industrial” edge to your sound when it’s mixed with some other unusual element. The vocal in this case is stand out, and you guys had the skill not to destroy it but to make it stand out even more! Bravo!
Geert Veneklaas
permalink   Sat, Jun 25, 2011 @ 2:02 PM
Great job, love it!! I’m working on the same pella right now…
permalink   Sun, Jun 26, 2011 @ 4:40 AM
Well-deserved Ed Pick, perfect complement to JE’s pella… sort of a NIN-meets-Siouxie vibe, love the wallop of the descending lead against her falsetto. Awesome.
permalink   Sun, Jun 26, 2011 @ 6:08 AM
Tip: Add next time few effects on voice.. Now it’s lil bit to loud.