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Reviews left by ztutz

Mon, Oct 16 5:36 PM ztutz review of The Fish In The Deep Sea Water Probably Gives Out A Deep Sigh_Tempelhofkid RMX by Fabillionaire
I love this treatment. The beat is a perfect match for that vox.
Mon, Oct 16 5:28 PM ztutz review of Bring the Music Back by MC Jack in the Box
That rezzy rhythmic guitar lick sounds like tablas! Groovy.
Thu, Oct 12 1:04 AM ztutz review of Ophelia's Song (DNA Remix) by DNA
Besides the great arrangement, you've done a great job of adding tasteful detail...
Thu, Oct 12 12:57 AM ztutz review of Remember the Name (Kaschke & Mauer Remix) by herr kaschke
This mix is *efficient*. And that is a good thing! Congrats
Sun, Sep 17 12:06 PM ztutz review of Brad and Chuck by MC Jack in the Box
Wow. If it ain't broke, mash it.
Sun, Sep 17 11:59 AM ztutz review of The Cristal Method by MC Jack in the Box
Dubby-dub-licious, mon. Channeling some psychadelic vibe, deep down.
Sun, Sep 17 11:46 AM ztutz review of False Awakening by Stab
Fantastic, in the original sense. What a great mood. This deserves remixing ...
Sat, Sep 16 10:34 AM ztutz review of If You by gurdonark
Excellent combination! There should be a mixter week of birds...
Sat, Sep 16 1:24 AM ztutz review of Ovverreacting (Ft. Krishinda) by PorchCat
Nice cut!
Fri, Sep 15 3:51 AM ztutz review of sad by Analog By Nature
This is really beautiful, cdk. Once again.
Mon, Jun 5 12:07 PM ztutz review of beat violence (hundred years war mix) by shagrugge
This mix makes me think of summertime in the parks in Chicago. Love the horns.
Wed, May 24 8:01 PM ztutz review of Obscruity by fourstones
Hey, this is almost ambient. Where's the funk? Great spatialization. Nice. An...