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Reviews left by ztutz

Fri, Jun 5 5:16 PM ztutz review of café connection by morgantj
I love this! Really well mixed.
Tue, Feb 17 2:51 PM ztutz review of bars by grapes
I really like this cut a lot - the beat is hypnotic.
Mon, Feb 16 12:41 PM ztutz review of Check the ID by MC Jack in the Box
Bitchin' vocal treatments to accompany the meaty groove and the great detail bit...
Mon, Feb 16 12:32 PM ztutz review of Gurditation by teru
Tue, Oct 28 11:29 PM ztutz review of Beckford move ya body ( Atoa mix ) by atoa
Great harmonizations/orchestration! Actually made me laugh out loud (cause they ...
Tue, Oct 28 11:21 PM ztutz review of Broken by atoa
Tue, Oct 28 11:20 PM ztutz review of To Be Scared by fourstones
Nice Victor - I agree that this chill minimalism thing suits you. And forget the...
Tue, Oct 28 11:00 PM ztutz review of Sunrise (unplugged) by Admiral Bob
Beautiful! So simple; part of my collective subconscious already...
Wed, Feb 20 11:47 PM ztutz review of Short Fuses Burn Long Bridges (bill berry mix) by William Berry
Seriously. Wow - great beats, simple clear texture that is *alive*. Wow. S...
Wed, Feb 20 11:41 PM ztutz review of Like they Used to (cdk 420 mix) by Analog By Nature
Beautiful cdk - this goes nowhere in the best way possible. I like the feel a lo...
Mon, Feb 11 10:23 PM ztutz review of No Sound by fourstones
What a fantastic combination - whatever you heard that made you match the vocals...
Tue, Feb 5 1:58 PM ztutz review of Heroes by Suzi Q. Smith
Beautiful poem, beautiful voice!