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Reviews left by urmymuse

Sat, Jul 17 1:51 AM urmymuse review of Sunrise (Dimlight Remix) by Dimlight
liked the piano alot, nice work
Sat, Jul 17 1:38 AM urmymuse review of Big Up by texasradiofish
Big up indeed, top job
Sat, Jul 17 1:22 AM urmymuse review of IN A Groove by copperhead
reggaetastic tune, works really well
Fri, Jul 16 4:07 PM urmymuse review of Sweet Rockin' Rose by Ivan Chew
Hi Ivan your strat is doing v good service backing up Panu here. Top notch
Fri, Jul 16 3:57 PM urmymuse review of Last Words by Fireproof_Babies
oooh yes ... restrained ending works well after the jazzed up rawness of the mai...
Thu, Jul 8 11:34 AM urmymuse review of Going Ballistics (Part III of III, Ballistics of Love) by Ivan Chew
Epic guitars to conclude your three course anime offering. Very nice !
Wed, Jul 7 4:23 PM urmymuse review of Get More by AT
oooh yes this is great, at one point the bass reminded me of early New Model Arm...
Wed, Jul 7 4:08 PM urmymuse review of Sleep Lightly by oldDog
The piano comming from another room , just up the hall. Tension .. that invites ...
Wed, Jul 7 3:54 PM urmymuse review of Sleep Lightly by DeBenedictis
Lisa, this is beautiful paranoia. I didnt know there was such a thing until now....
Tue, Jul 6 11:51 AM urmymuse review of Until You Are Home Again by Admiral Bob
This is super smooth, excellent chord progression - guitar solos first class , t...
Tue, Jul 6 11:39 AM urmymuse review of Picnic by Fireproof_Babies
The sound of FPB summer delight ... top ant analysis !
Sun, Jul 4 1:33 PM urmymuse review of Do Androids Fall In Love (Part II of III, Ballistics of Love) by Ivan Chew
Hi Ivan - re the question in the title - if they didnt, they do now! agree with ...
Fri, Jul 2 12:07 PM urmymuse review of My Reflection by wellman
This is great ... it is so easy on the ear , i hope it was hard to do otherwise ...
Mon, Jun 28 2:20 PM urmymuse review of Torque of Love (Part I of III, Ballistics of Love) by Ivan Chew
Hi Ivan, this a big, powerful, dramatic sound(drums, bass, guitar). The choir .....
Sat, Jun 26 5:45 AM urmymuse review of After They've Gone by CiggiBurns
You paint a picture of a hard reality in a very touching way. I think the mix wo...