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Reviews left by urmymuse

Tue, Mar 13 1:31 PM urmymuse review of process (ft. Bluemillenium) by robwalkerpoet
i like it alot :) very mysterious in a good way ps agree re audacity being good...
Mon, Mar 12 3:48 PM urmymuse review of Debbizo - I Am Music (The New Earth Mix) with Airtone by Mana Junkie
hypnotic :)
Mon, Mar 12 3:40 PM urmymuse review of Waiting In The Garden by Aussens@iter
ooooh super smooth :) jazztastic
Mon, Mar 12 3:36 PM urmymuse review of Why Jazz? by onlymeith
very cool :) happy ccmixter anniversary
Mon, Mar 12 1:32 PM urmymuse review of Unbury Your Heart by Siobhan Dakay
so emotional :) wonderful mix
Mon, Mar 12 1:18 PM urmymuse review of The subway in New York by Bluemillenium
Works for the tube in London also :) nice one
Sun, Mar 11 12:50 PM urmymuse review of Broken by Admiral Bob
Excellent track!!! Having been left behind a couple of times myself i really app...
Sun, Mar 11 12:43 PM urmymuse review of Unfinished Soldier by Admiral Bob
Epic anthem :)
Sun, Mar 11 12:34 PM urmymuse review of quarkXpress by airtone
lovely :)
Sun, Mar 11 12:30 PM urmymuse review of The Abstract Audio Mix by Stefan Kartenberg
BRILL! Well deserved ed pick !!!
Sun, Mar 11 12:20 PM urmymuse review of Running by Snowflake
Pounding, bouncing, crazy .... nice :)
Sun, Mar 11 12:17 PM urmymuse review of Yesterday's Secret by texasradiofish
super funky hilariousness !
Sun, Mar 11 12:01 PM urmymuse review of Suffer Someday by Scomber
Ta v much Scomber this is great Loved the story of your note book from six y...
Sun, Mar 11 11:55 AM urmymuse review of Between Atoms, Between Stars by Ivan Chew
Top music to enjoy whilst floating in a tin can, far above the world :)
Sat, Nov 4 2:26 AM urmymuse review of Night Has a Thousand Eyes (ft. Aussens@iter) by Ivan Chew
Great remix Ivan good to hear your singing again