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Reviews left by urmymuse

Mon, May 28 12:03 PM urmymuse review of "Rocavaco - The Noise of Art" Micromix by Barubiriza
Am still here seven minutes in! Deffo hypnotic
Mon, May 28 11:50 AM urmymuse review of Far Away From Here by texasradiofish
great synth sound
Sat, May 26 4:49 AM urmymuse review of Robot Adaption by Rewob
vocoder works a treat nice sound
Fri, May 25 3:39 PM urmymuse review of not hearing myself on the radio (ft. J Lang & Alex Beroza) by robwalkerpoet
Excellent ... that must have been a weird experience
Fri, May 25 3:14 PM urmymuse review of Life Finds A Way (to Adapt) by Ivan Chew
"AmbireSeiche’s viola stem could be adapted by taking parts, reducing the temp...
Thu, May 17 3:19 PM urmymuse review of Swanston Street (ft. Tobias Weber) by robwalkerpoet
The sultry jazz backing really draws u in to tell poem Excellent! !!
Thu, May 17 12:57 PM urmymuse review of Smiles & Mr Miles (ft. Stefan Kartenberg and Solos to use) by robwalkerpoet
This evening (for me) out of the blue .... This is really beautiful sparse and s...
Sat, May 12 5:48 AM urmymuse review of Adaptation (Snowflake) by Zep Hurme
Brilliant !!!!
Mon, May 7 1:29 PM urmymuse review of The Test by Aussens@iter
Sat, May 5 12:29 AM urmymuse review of Adaptation by Snowflake
Really wonderful song Emily ta v much for adapting my track to this lovely resul...
Thu, May 3 12:27 PM urmymuse review of Adaptation by Stefan Kartenberg
Love it love it love it
Thu, May 3 12:06 PM urmymuse review of Adaptation (pell) by Snowflake
Wow Emily this is great !!! ta for picking up on my little ditty Really l...
Thu, May 3 11:57 AM urmymuse review of You Are My Home by Kara Square
Really wonderful song ... i will be doing some "baking" over the weekend :)
Mon, Apr 30 12:45 PM urmymuse review of The Singularity by Mr_Yesterday
Growls like a tiger, roars like a lion !!
Mon, Apr 30 12:44 PM urmymuse review of Age of AI by Kara Square
Brilliant concept, great melody, fab delivery. Love it !