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Reviews left by urmymuse

Wed, Apr 4 12:35 PM urmymuse review of Mont et Merveille by texasradiofish
I am liking this a lot. Great retro euro disco vibe
Mon, Apr 2 10:27 AM urmymuse review of To One False In Love by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Yes really lovely mix
Fri, Mar 23 11:21 AM urmymuse review of Catallaxy by andrasf
sparse and a little haunting. cool ending. like it
Fri, Mar 23 11:14 AM urmymuse review of Who Are You? by Briareus
intense but shimmering track ... like it !
Thu, Mar 15 1:12 PM urmymuse review of Midnight Temple (featuring 7OOP3D) by Beluga Ten
Omg i think this is really excellent. One of my favs from the whole mixter right...
Thu, Mar 15 12:59 PM urmymuse review of ~aether theories~ by Vidian
Fab , liked it alot End abrupt but *no worries* *comment how all this made me...
Thu, Mar 15 12:53 PM urmymuse review of All the Lines by Admiral Bob
Great track, as the others have said, amazing productivity Respect and thanks ...
Thu, Mar 15 12:48 PM urmymuse review of Dark Clouds (Interstellar) by duckett
great listen serious point like it :)
Thu, Mar 15 12:42 PM urmymuse review of Reusenoise (Interstellar MIx) by spinningmerkaba
ooooh super funky like it !
Wed, Mar 14 1:39 PM urmymuse review of Dethered by reiswerk
evocative, jaunty and unexpected. like it! :)
Wed, Mar 14 1:33 PM urmymuse review of No Confirmation (Vo1k1 Mix) by vo1k1
Very calming and lovely. develops really well. like it :)
Wed, Mar 14 1:28 PM urmymuse review of The Heart of a Star by Kara Square
Stardust indeed :) very wonderful remix. For some reason it has made we think ...
Tue, Mar 13 3:15 PM urmymuse review of Anniversary by mwic
works well :) like it Ciggi vocal is great in this context
Tue, Mar 13 1:50 PM urmymuse review of Dwarf Planet by gurdonark
The thing about Pluto being demoted to "dwarf" status is interesting. At the tim...
Tue, Mar 13 1:39 PM urmymuse review of Interstellar Reisepass by Speck
made me feel like i was travelling through a world of strange fantastical beasts...