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Reviews left by urmymuse

Tue, Jun 19 4:23 PM urmymuse review of We are Drums 140 by Apoxode
Too good! ps thanks for having a listen through my back catalogue ... appreciat...
Tue, Jun 19 4:21 PM urmymuse review of We are Electric 140 by Apoxode
Electric deffo brilliant rythmns as per usual. So many cc mixer favs crammed to...
Sun, Jun 17 9:26 AM urmymuse review of Listen by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice treatment .. like it
Sun, Jun 17 9:17 AM urmymuse review of Crawfish Boil: Suck Heads, Pinch Tails by texasradiofish
Sun, Jun 17 9:13 AM urmymuse review of Crazy Love by Zep Hurme
OMG This is crazy good
Sun, Jun 17 9:07 AM urmymuse review of Long gone blues by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Them Reaktors giving out a heavy vibe. Makes you feel the frustration of Javo's ...
Sun, Jun 17 9:01 AM urmymuse review of Le jardin by Bluemillenium
Super cool
Sun, Jun 17 8:56 AM urmymuse review of Acid Sand by musikpirat
bangin .. love it
Thu, Jun 14 2:39 PM urmymuse review of breezy by Sturzstrom
subtle love it
Thu, Jun 14 2:27 PM urmymuse review of Sun Says Yes by spinningmerkaba
summer it is lovely
Thu, Jun 14 2:18 PM urmymuse review of Grab that Light 140 by Apoxode
another classic, love it ps join in the secret mixter
Wed, Jun 13 12:54 PM urmymuse review of Somethin Rite (CARL iCON remix) by CARL iCON
Great concept , agree intro very good
Wed, Jun 13 12:48 PM urmymuse review of Mother's Gone by Stefan Kartenberg
Really excellent backing to Mr Yesterdays piece. Captures the mood perfectly.
Sat, Jun 9 4:07 AM urmymuse review of Enibas by Stefan Kartenberg
fun fun fun
Sat, Jun 9 3:49 AM urmymuse review of Trans-Atlantic Soul by texasradiofish
Now that is an excellent bit of super cool understated wah wah guitar