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Reviews left by tripledoubler

Tue, Jun 19 7:35 AM tripledoubler review of RAP-RIM / Bad boys from Nouakchott by BOCrew
WOW, this is SOOOOOOO TIGHT, Paris and Dakar in the house, that means elaborate...
Mon, Jun 18 3:43 PM tripledoubler review of You Asked for it (world is different mix) by DJ BLUE
I just wanted to give you automatic 5,5 for the presedential RMX, now I give you...
Fri, Jun 15 1:29 AM tripledoubler review of You Asked For It 2 (FF remix) by FGrn Grn
Please supatrigger on, FFGreen, I dig it.
Fri, Jun 15 1:25 AM tripledoubler review of M.U.S.T.A.N.G Remix by Terror Zone
DJIZ made the point. This really works. Good job.
Mon, Jun 11 7:29 AM tripledoubler review of MADRUGADA (slow bicycle remix) by slow bicycle
Nice and deep mix, I really enjoy listening :)
Mon, Jun 11 3:32 AM tripledoubler review of Ethos de Costa by DJ BLUE
I dig it :) It`s all great.
Mon, Jun 11 3:21 AM tripledoubler review of Ain't No Glamour by gurdonark
This is really great, very moody soundcollage and it really tells a story, I rea...
Mon, Jun 11 3:18 AM tripledoubler review of Recommence by teru
very nice and smooth track, I enjoyed listening.
Sun, Jun 10 1:45 PM tripledoubler review of Celebrity [Omni Vista's Lazy Summer Mix] by Omni Vista
Very nice work. I like the arrangement and the sound, too :) Very nice and jazz...
Sun, Jun 10 1:37 PM tripledoubler review of You asked.. by bombero
Very nice work, I really dig this :)
Sun, Jun 10 1:35 PM tripledoubler review of More Than Numbers by Briareus
It`s an interesting arrangement. Nice work. I especially like the backing mix, I...
Sun, Jun 10 5:58 AM tripledoubler review of Guilty by Association (Existential Noir Mix) by John Pazdan
This is really nice, after listening I read what you wrote about this piece, and...
Sun, Jun 10 5:54 AM tripledoubler review of Hopped On Tha Beat (FF remix) by FGrn Grn
BOOM, this is really hot, I dig it, damn tight, man :) very nice arrangement, ...
Fri, Jun 8 9:24 AM tripledoubler review of Que Pena - cdk mix by Analog By Nature
KCentric made the point. This is a very nice track, and though you handle the cy...
Fri, Jun 8 9:17 AM tripledoubler review of Crazy Love-The Alex & Lang mix by J.Lang
Very nice work, Lenny Kravitz meets John Frusciante meets DJ Lang, I`ll play it ...