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Reviews left by tripledoubler

Wed, Dec 20 3:42 AM tripledoubler review of Otto!.. by bombero
this contains some very good ideas, it`s a very nice bassy and hypnotic soundstr...
Mon, Dec 18 2:39 AM tripledoubler review of Gettin Illy on em (haterade mix) by shagrugge
haterade? CHEERS! good work. p.s. I combined sallees and clarance` vocals, to...
Sun, Dec 17 9:51 PM tripledoubler review of Mind Field by DJ BLUE
i think this track has a nice flying beat, a special groove and a somehow dubby ...
Sun, Dec 17 9:43 PM tripledoubler review of Remember The Name (Repetition Mix - Feat Fort Minor) by CptCrunch
it`s got a nice vibe and i think it works with the vocals. maybe some more varia...
Fri, Dec 15 6:51 AM tripledoubler review of Color Doppler Shifter 9000 by shagrugge
clubby, spacey, adding new aspects to the shifting colors.
Wed, Dec 13 3:44 PM tripledoubler review of Untitled - instrumental by teru
very nice-sounding and smooth downtempo track i really enjoyed. p.s.: teru, i...
Wed, Dec 13 3:29 PM tripledoubler review of Only (MALI BOUDY RMIX) by BOCrew
yes, yes, let`s keep hiphop alive! spacey transforming soundbed with a wide atmo...
Wed, Dec 6 3:49 PM tripledoubler review of "Sad" Vybe remix. by Analog By Nature
yes, this is beautiful, the sound of the backing mix is very nice and the raps ...
Wed, Dec 6 2:04 PM tripledoubler review of PnP (Treatment) by fourstones
well, victor, like cdk said, nice instrumentation (though, as my one and only su...
Mon, Dec 4 9:47 PM tripledoubler review of Open Your Eyes We Gonna Ride by ears_wide_open
I think there`s some work left for you to do, especially concerning the vocal sy...
Sun, Dec 3 4:50 PM tripledoubler review of One by gurdonark
very serious marshall mc luhan goes hairway to steven issue here ;) p.s. i di...
Sun, Dec 3 4:43 PM tripledoubler review of White in the moon (module's funky crust remix) by module
i like this dubby sound, nice track, nice vocals:)
Sun, Dec 3 4:35 PM tripledoubler review of What Cha Need (for real) by HC-7
i like outkast, too:)
Sun, Dec 3 1:32 PM tripledoubler review of Hard Moon by Pitx
this is really nice...set the controls for the heart of the sun...really nice:)
Sun, Dec 3 1:18 PM tripledoubler review of Sad by Ms.Vybe
yo, ms. vybe, this is really deep, I say 5 points:)