Reviews left by tethia

Wed, Jun 20 1:54 PM tethia review of Sweet Sanity by ScOmBer
Very nice!
Sun, Jun 17 2:32 PM tethia review of A New Now by Super_Sigil
I like very much the backing track, and I think it works great with these FX on ...
Sun, Jun 17 2:11 PM tethia review of Come Back by Down With Ben
Liked it!
Sat, Jan 21 2:34 PM tethia review of My minutes by HaveMercy
Very intense work, it's to me the soundtrack for these cold days, and infact I p...
Wed, Jan 4 3:45 AM tethia review of Unbounded by RizKeyG
Hey Rizkey, I'm very happy to listen to new music from you! Beautiful work, and...
Wed, Jan 4 3:38 AM tethia review of Persephone by HaveMercy
I love the dreaming atmosphere, it's like to be in a Björk song :-) GREAT work...
Fri, Nov 4 4:25 AM tethia review of Favorite photograph by HaveMercy
This rocks! Great arrangement and nice sound. Liked it very much :-)
Tue, Feb 22 4:05 AM tethia review of Flying by the seat of our pants by ScOmBer
Beautiful work! liked it
Wed, Jan 19 2:05 PM tethia review of ananau by airtone
This track is amazing. I think there is something true in all what was said in p...
Fri, Jan 14 3:59 AM tethia review of More Water! by Hans Atom
Nice track!
Fri, Jan 14 3:54 AM tethia review of moreWater by airtone
Liked it!
Thu, Jan 13 4:02 AM tethia review of Wait (Liquid Version) by maxwell
You won't believe me, it's absolutely the first time I listen to this track! Wel...