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More Water!

uploaded: Sat, Jun 19, 2010 @ 7:22 AM
byHans Atom
FeaturingAdisa McKenzie
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I wanted to do a piece of electronical hard rock for Adisa, because I saw the videos of the playa and was thrilled by the incredible performance of the great “Cold Steel Renegade” playing air guitar.
But then the capellas of Adisa were so nice and melancholic and beautiful sung, that I had to delete everything and start from the scratch, because what I did was bad and unjust. I took the happy drinking song, because it has some emotional double bottom, because its not really 100% funny, when you always forget to drink more water then booze. The whole song took me ages, so I could go several times drinking during the process to get a feeling. In the end are some simplistic Bach-harmonies and a progessive-rock-guitar-solo, which I didnĀ“t want to delete, because they fitted quite well.

"More Water!"
by Hans Atom

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