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Reviews left by tethia

Mon, Nov 19 1:31 PM tethia review of The end of puzzles by HaveMercy
Beautiful track, HM! Keep them coming :-)
Sun, Nov 4 1:15 AM tethia review of War+Art+Love by HaveMercy
Nice to hear you again, HM :-) Beautiful work
Wed, Aug 24 7:34 AM tethia review of If You Wait by Pegasus
Really nice, it reminds to me of Afro Celt Sound System. It's really strange, th...
Wed, Aug 24 7:27 AM tethia review of The Long Road by Pegasus
Really nice and original!
Wed, Aug 24 7:19 AM tethia review of Here Comes the Light by Pegasus
Really beautiful. It's puzzling to me that I haven't listened to it before.
Sat, Mar 19 10:56 AM tethia review of Small Back Room by HaveMercy
What a pleasure to come back in the world of music and to listen to a new Haveme...
Fri, Jul 18 1:58 PM tethia review of Turdus merula aka blackbird by HaveMercy
Beautiful work! Rather gabrielesque I'd say :-)
Thu, Mar 13 1:50 AM tethia review of Your eyes are my eyes by Pegasus
Have I already said that listening to this is like to do a trip in the thick of ...
Mon, Mar 10 3:03 AM tethia review of Birth of a New Year by Pegasus
Fantastic work! Beautiful voice, great percussions and ambience, inspired piano....
Mon, Jun 25 3:42 AM tethia review of All Grown Up by CSoul
Very nice!
Mon, Jun 25 3:36 AM tethia review of Sea Decay by Super_Sigil
Nice work!
Mon, Jun 25 3:24 AM tethia review of Moments in Daytona by AT
Very beautiful!
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