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Reviews left by tacet

Sun, Sep 7 1:40 PM tacet review of #MusicConnectsUs Promo by Kara Square
True professional ;)
Sun, Sep 7 1:37 PM tacet review of Music Connects Us by texasradiofish
omg dude! Brilliant! :D
Sun, Sep 7 1:36 PM tacet review of Music connects us :) by diaphane
Sun, Sep 7 1:32 PM tacet review of Music Connects Us With Music by copperhead
Cool :D Funny thing, my brain heard "musical excess" instead of music connects ...
Sun, Sep 7 1:29 PM tacet review of Music Connects Us :) by Loveshadow
Is there a loveshadow podcast? There should be ;)
Sun, Sep 7 1:24 PM tacet review of Music Connects Us promo by _ghost by _ghost
Hey man, considering you don't like the way you sound, this sounds great! :D ...
Thu, May 1 2:55 AM tacet review of First Blood (cdk Strings And Things RumbleStep Mix) by Analog By Nature
Nice job man, ideal game music for sure. I like transitions and changes over ti...
Mon, Dec 17 8:31 AM tacet review of Midwinter (SAW mix) inc stems by stellarartwars
Who is tacit? Lol Nice job :) I had a three way split on how I would take it...
Sat, Dec 1 6:59 AM tacet review of It All (This Christmas) by Snowflake
Heartfelt and deeply personal writing, perfect for the reflective mood of this t...
Wed, Nov 28 2:40 PM tacet review of Gaudete by Javolenus
Much credit for even attempting this one! I've always loved the timing and the ...
Wed, Nov 28 2:28 PM tacet review of We Had it All by Admiral Bob
Very slick, as expected of the Admiralty! :D I like the arrangement and respe...
Sat, Oct 27 3:36 PM tacet review of Waking Me Softly by Alex
I like the detail of the remix elements you've added Alex, my only gripe is with...
Sat, Jun 23 10:03 AM tacet review of One Time Machine by Platinum Butterfly
hey, nice mix. I love the dubstep parts most. The alignment of the vocal is qu...
Sun, Apr 22 2:34 AM tacet review of Maze by _ghost
Great stuff :) Smooth and easy, great vocal and guitars on this one too :)
Wed, Apr 18 3:16 AM tacet review of Flesh and Bones - Goldrunner remix by GOLDRUNNER
Careful and crafty, as others have said it's something of an epic journey....whi...