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Reviews left by sunbyrn

Sat, Feb 20 9:51 AM sunbyrn review of Scared Of My Own Blood by Aussens@iter
Definitely one of the best remixes of this song that I have heard on here. I enj...
Thu, Apr 9 12:04 AM sunbyrn review of I Want To Love You by copperhead
The guitar work on this track is frighteningly good. Hats off to Copperhead/Robe...
Tue, May 31 4:04 PM sunbyrn review of Scared of My Own Blood by Alex
Although usually enjoy hearing people taking my vocals somewhere completely dif...
Tue, Jan 25 6:59 PM sunbyrn review of Ice and Chilli by _ghost
great work. feel free to write the soundtrack to my life.
Sun, Apr 5 6:13 PM sunbyrn review of Scared of My Own Blood by sunbyrn by mykleanthony
wow, i was floored when I heard this. Excellent production and overall feel. You...
Fri, Sep 12 6:45 AM sunbyrn review of Scared of my Own Blood (Minimal Dub Remix) by emiralp
Very nice. A new idea for this vocal track. The track succeeds in taking it in...
Sun, Aug 10 3:11 AM sunbyrn review of Biodrift by DJ BLUE
true mood music. i can listen to stuff like this all day. very nice!
Mon, Jul 14 3:11 AM sunbyrn review of Morr's Ruff & Dirdi One Night Dub by Morr
nice work. this belongs in a movie or something.
Mon, Jul 14 2:51 AM sunbyrn review of Just One Night (bill berry mix) by William Berry
this is cool as hell
Mon, Jul 14 2:27 AM sunbyrn review of JON (Sunday Stylistic Mix) by fourstones
this is a match made in heaven. i cant believe how well this track fits with the...
Mon, Jul 14 1:55 AM sunbyrn review of Just One Night by JeremyCarr
nice work K. hey Jeremy, has Jameey heard this one yet? I have a feeling he'd di...
Mon, Jan 29 6:37 PM sunbyrn review of Ophelia's Song by Aamu
You have a real knack for creating haunting music. This version is simply amazi...
Mon, Jan 29 5:45 PM sunbyrn review of Pode Queimar (holojazz mix) by shagrugge
MAN is this tight. I never get bored listening to your material. Is the rap in ...
Sun, Jan 21 2:46 AM sunbyrn review of sevenhundredbeats by duncan_beattie
This is one of a kind. Intriguing throughout the entire piece. Great work.
Tue, Jan 16 10:01 PM sunbyrn review of So long 2000NSax (Annual Horny Vibe) by shagrugge
tight! the sax samples ARE incredible, but the drums make this piece ROCK! wi...