Endurance Secret Mixter--Mix Mode
Fri, Feb 19 11:48 AM Parts Wanted :: I wish someone would resing this
Both of you have very good voices as far as I can tell and should do some more v...
Thu, Jul 30 10:38 PM DIY :: USB Audio Interface
I am familiar with the Digidesign stuff from my attempt at becoming an audio eng...
Mon, Jul 27 8:34 AM DIY :: USB Audio Interface
I bought this new pc (yes, pc, not mac). Nothing fancy, but still better than my...
Sun, Jul 19 8:50 AM The Big OT :: Proud papa, bragging 'bout my new boy
Congratulations! It seems that the link works now.
Sat, Jul 18 8:49 AM Pluggy Plugs :: Orpheus In Hell
Thanks for taking the time to listen to the whole project and your kind words. I...
Tue, Jul 14 12:03 PM Pluggy Plugs :: Orpheus In Hell
I have collected a couple of remixes that focus on other people's spoken word pi...
Thu, Jul 9 8:27 AM Announcements :: Help us get the ccmixter Podcast Channel listed on iTunes!
Exactly. Unfortunately I had to lie about the iTunes version I am using, so I mi...
Fri, Jul 3 12:06 PM Pluggy Plugs :: The Mixin Kitchen
I very much like MC Jack's Cool Music Show and not only because he has played mo...
Wed, Jun 17 10:30 PM Bugs :: Sudden Playback Problems
I have noticed that too.
Thu, Jun 11 7:49 AM Bugs :: Sudden Playback Problems
I wish my users would solve their problems themselves. ;-)
Thu, May 28 8:46 AM Announcements :: Remix History Chart
I also noticed it only today. So it must be new or maybe we are getting old. ;-)
Fri, May 22 8:19 AM Pluggy Plugs :: Goodbye/Farewell
Cool. I will be looking forward to that. Let me know when it's finished.
Thu, May 21 11:48 PM Pluggy Plugs :: Goodbye/Farewell
Hey, thank you! We haven't heard from you in a long time. It would be nice to kn...
Thu, May 21 11:35 PM Parts Wanted :: Help! I need more promos!
de vreemde talen zijn fijn! That depends on the language, I guess...;-)
Sat, May 9 9:52 PM Features :: Remix samples
In the meantime one could upload the samples seperately as a sample pack and giv...