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Reviews left by Subliminal

Sun, Apr 5 10:21 AM Subliminal review of Lost by x2651
An unexpected setting for this pella which works really well.
Sun, Apr 5 10:11 AM Subliminal review of Ordinary People ( Ordinary Mix ) Feat Scomber on vocals by J.Lang
This is good on so many levels. Song writing, arrangement, production. Great stu...
Sun, Apr 5 6:06 AM Subliminal review of SUPERPOWER (feat Siobhan Dakay) by Loveshadow
Your words in the description alone are worth a recommend or two (or 7+ billion)...
Sun, Apr 5 6:01 AM Subliminal review of I Float On (featuring Snowflake) by Speck
A creative use of Snowflake's voice only you seem to be able to pull off so expe...
Sun, Apr 5 5:49 AM Subliminal review of dance like nobody's watching by panu
I agree with Siobhan. Wonderfully put together. Let me return a couple of these ...
Sun, Apr 5 5:31 AM Subliminal review of Je suis un Phoenix by Bluemillenium
You had me at Pink Floyd and the intro of your remix.
Sun, Apr 5 5:26 AM Subliminal review of Sitting in the empty house by Siobhan Dakay
A great development and lots of equally great sounds in this remix.
Sun, Apr 5 5:15 AM Subliminal review of isolate by Scomber
A top-notch funky production. Adding a couple of these to Panu's.
Sun, Apr 5 5:09 AM Subliminal review of Modern Love by Jeris
A lot of energy in this remix. I like it!
Sun, Apr 5 4:51 AM Subliminal review of Deranged Connection by 7OOP3D
I love this. One of my favourites so far. And that means a lot with the quality ...
Sun, Apr 5 4:30 AM Subliminal review of The Invisible Enemy (feat. bangcorrupt) by Kraftamt
I love the quality of your productions. This is no exception.
Sun, Apr 5 4:25 AM Subliminal review of Social Distancing (Extended Mix) (w/ Darkroom) by Whitewolf
A pretty damn good long (which I don't mind btw) atmospheric trip. Sorry to r...
Sun, Apr 5 4:16 AM Subliminal review of Coming Home by Snowflake
A great uplifting remix and wonderful production.
Sat, Apr 4 10:51 PM Subliminal review of Numbers by Dysfunction_AL
Great song and production!
Tue, Mar 31 9:40 PM Subliminal review of Waiting for the Vaccine by Apoxode
Nice "lazy" vibe. Thanks for including me.