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Reviews left by Subliminal

Sun, Sep 13 10:16 AM Subliminal review of Firefly by Snowflake
This must be one of my favourite remixes of yours. It would deserve a plethora o...
Sun, Sep 13 10:08 AM Subliminal review of Firefly in Your Head by Apoxode
"Bloody hell!" That was my first thought when I saw the number of samples you ha...
Sun, Sep 13 9:55 AM Subliminal review of AEAEAE (Apoxode Remix) by Apoxode
I love the energy and production of this remix. A shame that it might get overlo...
Sun, Sep 13 8:32 AM Subliminal review of Where the Moon Shines Bright by Kara Square
This is pretty damn good. Listening over my (big) speakers and it sounds fantast...
Sun, Aug 30 9:38 PM Subliminal review of Living Without You by Dan_Mantau
Thu, Aug 13 9:43 PM Subliminal review of The Comedy Of Love by Radioontheshelf
This is really good. Good production as well.
Sun, Jul 26 5:10 AM Subliminal review of Get Up George by Speck
I thought, hey, that's a song about me. And then it ended with 'People don't lik...
Wed, Jul 15 9:25 PM Subliminal review of 8:46 by 7OOP3D
Powerful music to support equally powerful vocals. Great stuff!
Sun, Jul 12 3:12 AM Subliminal review of When We Speak by Speck
I love the atmosphere you created here. It really supports the spoken word piece...
Sat, Jul 11 10:11 PM Subliminal review of BLM 8:46 mix by J.Lang
This sounds pretty damn good.
Wed, Jul 8 9:38 AM Subliminal review of Look around by sparky
What a great fit with those old chords. You definitely managed to get the right ...
Fri, Jul 3 11:06 AM Subliminal review of Stay Calm (feat. SackJo22) by Mana Junkie
Hahaha, a ghost track. Love it!
Fri, Jun 19 7:44 AM Subliminal review of Stand up tall by sparky
Love it. I like how you kept things open and sparse. It gives the song even more...
Sat, Jun 13 7:28 AM Subliminal review of Come On Home, Man by texasradiofish
This works ridiculously well. There's not enough metal around here. Great stuff!
Wed, Jun 10 8:49 PM Subliminal review of The Silent Garden by Radioontheshelf
"recordings of whalesong, transformed using granular synthesis by Christian Hens...